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2017.11.07 | Conference, Art, culture and media, Academic staff

Surveillance Studies Network - 8th Biennial Conference

The theme of this conference is Surveillance Beyond Borders and Boundaries. The theme is broad in the sense that we understand borders and boundaries as both literal and metaphoric.

PhD student Susanne Bendesgaard Pedersen.

2017.11.07 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defence: Susanne Bendesgaard Pedersen

Survival of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator recipients in Denmark and risk of cancer and venous thromboembolism after implantation

PhD student Hanne Mari Skou Jørgesen.

2017.11.07 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defence: Hanne Mari Skou Jørgensen

Bone density and biochemical markers in chronic kidney disease – mineral and bone disorder

Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen, associate professor, PhD, Department of Biomedicine.
Rasmus Otkjær Bak, Assistant Professor, PhD, Department of Biomedicine and Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University 
Søren Degn, Assistant Professor, PhD, Department of Biomedicine.

2017.11.09 | People news, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine

Biomedicine provides three new Lundbeck Foundation Fellows

For the very first time, three researchers from one department can call themselves Lundbeck Foundation Fellows and, backed by DKK 10 million, they can dedicate the next five years to biomedical research.

2017.11.06 | Event, Research, All groups


CFIN and Neurophysiology Symposium 2017 is an initiative to hold a joint symposium between CFIN and AUH Neurophysiology department, to update each other on the kind of research done at both sites with a view of fostering new collaborations. The Symposium will be hosted by the Neurophysiology, and the idea is that PIs from both sides give short…

2017.11.06 | Events, Research, Academic staff


On 15 November, the CFIN and Neurophysiology Symposium 2017 will take place in the DNC Auditorium.

2017.11.06 | Research, Research, Runsafe

ProjectRun21: Design article published

The design-article of ProjectRun21 is now published as an open access article in Injury Epidemiology with Camma Damsted as first author

Up to 2,000 Danes suffer from cramps that have so far been inexplicable, but researchers from AU have now found a measurable cause. The finding may have an effect on how the health care system treats patients, who were previously called 'hysterical'. Photo: Colourbox

2017.11.03 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

Inexplicable spasms can now be explained with hormones

Too low a level of a hormone in the blood which protects against stress may be the cause of epilepsy-like seizures which doctors had otherwise believed had solely psychological causes. New research results from Aarhus University may help to improve the diagnosis and treatment of an otherwise mystifying disorder.

2017.11.03 | Event, Administration (Academic), Research year student

Christmas Party at the Department of Biomedicine

Dear all, All biomedical employees are invited to the biomedical Xmas Party which will be held on Friday 8 December at 16:00-02:00 in Stakladen. Registration no later than Tuesday 21st November 2017.  REGISTRATIONINVITATIONMENU Many Christmas greetingsThe ‘Xmas Party Committee’

2017.11.01 | Event, Public/Media, External target group

Aarhus Symposium

Every year, the first Friday in November, a strong line-up of key decision-makers and leaders of today are invited to share their experiences and engage in discussions with ambitious students. Aarhus Symposium is an event of extraordinary class with the objective to connect students, the leaders of tomorrow, with key decision-makers and leaders of…

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