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2017.10.30 | Event, Public/Media, External target group

Junior Researcher Association invites to the founding general meeting

A group of junior researchers from the university's four faculties has taken the initiative to establish the first Junior Researcher Association at Aarhus University. The association adresses issues of interest to junior researchers - assistant professors, postdocs and researchers in tenure track. All junior researchers are encouraged to…

The aim of the workshop for the approx. 70 stakeholders was to gather input for a vision and strategic basis for the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health’s degree programmes. Photo: Lise Wendel Eriksen
The workshop comprised both group work and plenary discussions. Here clinical dental technicians discuss topics including digitisation and core competences. Photo: Lise Wendel Eriksen

2017.10.24 | Education, Health and disease, Academic staff

The vision workshop for the IOOS study programmes really got its teeth into things

Everyone knows it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future and this is also the case in the field of dental and oral health. But nevertheless, this is what stakeholders from the entire dental and oral health sector attempted to do when they gathered for a workshop to contribute knowledge and input to the vision for the study…

2017.10.24 | Course, PhD students, External target group


A joint PhD course focusing on the technique in writing a good scientific abstract

A strong strategic head of the clinical research who is great to work with because he finds solutions that work for everybody, are some of the descriptions of Kristjar Skajaa.

2017.11.02 | People news, Health and disease, Academic staff

Kristjar Skajaa to step down as department head next summer

Head of the Department of Clinical Medicine, Kristjar Skajaa, is stepping down as department head when his six-year employment contract expires next summer. This means the faculty will have to find a new head for Denmark's largest health science department during 2018.

PhD student Anders Laustsen.

2017.10.24 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine

PhD defence: Anders Laustsen

Studies on Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells: A new and versatile platform to elucidate key biological questions

2017.10.24 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine

PhD defence: Henriette Lajgaard Christensen

Luminal acid/base transporters in the choroid plexus epithelium

Photo: Colourbox

2017.10.26 | Administration (Academic), All groups, All AU units

Election to the occupational health and safety organisation at Aarhus University

It’s time to consider whether you want to become an occupational health and safety representative at AU. The nomination period is in December, and the election takes places in the beginning of 2018. Rector Brian Bech Nielsen encourages all employees to become involved in the election to the occupational health and safety organisation.

All the professionals who have been presented for my data basis – including the assessors of my PhD project – have found it striking that the children have not subsequently appeared in the system with a diagnosis, says Kathrine Bang Madsen.

2017.10.23 | Research, Health and disease, Public/Media

Parents need high socioeconomic status to secure an ADHD diagnosis

Half of the children who exhibit typical ADHD behaviour at age seven have still not received the diagnosis that triggers the necessary help ten years later. A new study shows that a diagnosis is least probable for a girl who grows up in a disadvantaged area of rural Denmark with a single mother with low social status.

2017.10.18 | Talent development, PhD students, Graduate School of Health

PhD network on education and research within the field of social work

FORSA is an association that works on linking practice, education and research within the field of social work. PhD students are invited to become members of the network.

Congratulations to postdoc Rasmus Schmidt Davidsen who won the prize for the best pitch of an innovative idea at the Medical innovation Day 2017. The prize was presented by Martin Bonde, chair of Danish Biotech.

2017.10.19 | Events, Health and disease, Academic staff

Good research can end up being big business

Early career researchers tested their own ideas and presented solutions to biotech challenges at the first Medical Innovation Day at Health. The informal meeting between researchers and employers from business and industry can lead to valuable relations.

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