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One of the mysteries about the disease has been the question of why the patients produce so little of the protein. Now we have, for the first time, an explanation at cellular level, says MSc Didde Haslund, who is a PhD student and the article’s first author. Photo: Private.
The research Result is the crucial first step towards having the ability to treat these patients with gene therapy, says Professor Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen from the Department of Biomedicine. Photo: Private.

2018.12.11 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

New understanding of mysterious 'hereditary swelling'

For the first time ever, biomedical researchers from Aarhus University have unveiled cellular defects that lead to the rare disease hereditary angioedema (HAE), where patients experience recurrent episodes of swelling that requires immediate treatment. This new understanding is an important step towards gene therapy for patients.

Fourteen associate professors from Health have received grants from an special funding pool which supports the start-up of new international partnerships. Photo: Colourbox

2018.12.13 | Policy and strategy, Administration (Academic), Academic staff

Research grant opens up new international cooperation opportunities

During the spring, teaching staff at Health could apply for funding from a special funding pool to start new international collaborative projects. The level of interest has been so high and the applications so good that the size of the pool had to be increased. See who has received the grants.

The faculty's new welcome package for technical/administrative staff helps new employees and their managers. Photo: Health Communication.

2018.12.13 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), PhD students

New website helps new technical and administrative staff at Health

Being a new employee in a large organisation can be difficult. But now being new to Health will hopefully be a little easier. The faculty has gathered together the information needed to help new technical-administrative employees at Health get off to a good start.

The gold medal essay had meaning in an analogue past, where searching for literature was time consuming and difficult, while today most people carry out research as a team, and this ought to be recognised by the prize. Photo: AU.

2018.12.13 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

New and modern prize essay to honour academia

The old gold medal essays are past their expiry date and Health is now introducing a new, modern Health prize essay – the Student Research Prize – for students who present something extraordinary.

"We constantly see that researchers have not properly understood the requirements," says Niels-Henrik von Holstein Rathlou, before urging researchers to make use of the contact persons that the Novo Nordisk Foundation makes available for all types of calls for applications. Photo: Ernst Tobisch.

2018.12.12 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

Novo Nordisk Foundation: Joint research must really be joint

Take a look at the Tandem and Synergy programmes – but please read the instructions carefully before you press send! That is one piece of advice to Health researchers from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which in principle can provide support for almost all research areas within the health sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences.

2018.12.13 | Research, Public/Media, External target group

Researchers on Aarhus 2017: Let’s continue to build on the European Capital of Culture year

Aarhus as European Capital of Culture has created and strengthened a wide range of collaborations and shown how culture can create a sense of community, bring about change and enhance quality of life. But the cultural consumption of the citizens of Aarhus remained unchanged in 2017. These are some of the results of the research-based evaluation of…

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

2018.12.13 | People news, Technical / administrative staff, Health

Six more years for the vice-dean

Lise Wogensen Bach has been re-appointed as vice-dean for talent development and external relations. She is particularly looking forward to strengthening the development of junior talents and making the PhD degree programme even better, but she will also work to increase international corporation at Health.

The findings are supported by a number of additional analyses including e.g. analyses of siblings in which the researchers made comparisons with own siblings in order to minimise the genetic effects. The study thus expands previous studies by showing that there is a correlation between infections and mental disorders – in addition to genetics and socio-economic factors

2018.12.08 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

Infections in children tied to subsequent mental illness risk in new study

A new study from iPSYCH shows that infections in children is tied to subsequent mental illness during childhood and adolescence. This knowledge expands our understanding of the role of the immune system in the development of mental disorders.

2018.11.20 | Research, Public/Media, Health

Antidepressants absolved of causing atrial fibrillation

Antidepressants are not to blame for frequent atrial fibrillation among people with depression. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Aarhus University in a major registry study, which also points towards the possibility of the actual cause of atrial fibrillation being insufficient treatment of depression.

Photo: Colourbox

2018.12.07 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Satisfaction survey concerning IT support at AU

Currently, Rambøll Management Consulting is carrying out a satisfaction survey on behalf of AU IT, because AU IT wants to know more about the level of satisfaction among students and staff with the IT support at AU. This is a sample survey and the people who have been randomly chosen to complete the survey have received an email about the survey…

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