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2018.10.26 | Conference, Art, culture and media, Academic staff

Comics and Society: Research, Art, and Cultural Politics

The goal of this symposium is to investigate comics in a variety of material, medial, and historical contexts to expand our understanding of how comics as a medium works in our contemporary societies.

2018.10.30 | Events, All groups, External target group

Tribute to students with dual careers

World Championship medallist Anne-Marie Rindom and the successful student entrepreneur company Emplate were just some of the students to whom AU paid tribute at an event held on Thursday, 25 October.

2018.10.26 | Meeting, Research, Technical / administrative staff

The Advisory Board for Health visits the Department of Biomedicin

On 1 November two of the board members of the Advisory Board for Health (Mike Shipston from Edinburgh and Peter Kristensen from NovoNordisk) will visit our Department.

2018.10.26 | Conference, Research, All groups

The Spring Brain Conference 2019

With the title "Understanding and targeting Alzheimer's disease", the spring Brain Conference will take place at Rungstedgaard, Denmark, on 5-8 May 2019.

2018.11.05 | Administrative, Technical / administrative staff, All AU units

Entrepreneurship at AU: New working group to develop new university-wide entrepreneurship ecosystem

A decision has been made to strengthen entrepreneurship at AU. As a result, the Business Committee has appointed a working group to develop a proposal for a new university-wide entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Annie Landau

2018.10.24 | Research, Research, All groups

New article in Scientific Reports

Annie Landau and others have just published "Longitudinal monoaminergic PET imaging of chronic proteasome inhibition in minipigs" in Scientific Reports.

Giulia Treccani

2018.10.24 | Research, Research, All groups

New article in PNAS

Giulia Treccani and others have just published "Chronic social stress-induced hyperglycemia in mice couples individual stress susceptibility to impaired spatial memory" in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)

2018.10.30 | People news, Health and disease, Public/Media

Millions from Marie Curie network go to AU research into dignity for the elderly

Associate Professor Annelise Norlyk from Aarhus University will receive DKK 4.6 million to investigate how elderly people can maintain their sense of dignity in connection with illness or dependency on help.

The Department of Clinical Med ck Foundation Fellowships.icine receives no less than three Lundbe
PhD and Associate Professor Nicolai Juul Birkbak conducts research into cancer evolution. Photo: The Lundbeck Foundation
PhD and Associate Professor Micah Allen conducts research into gut feelings. Photo: The Lundbeck Foundation
PhD and Associate Professor Christoffer Laustsen conducts research into blood clots in the brain. Photo: The Lundbeck Foundation

2018.10.25 | People news, Health and disease, Academic staff

Three young researchers from the Dept. of Clinical Medicine receive Lundbeck Foundation Fellowships

Out of the Lundbeck Foundation's five new fellowships, no less than three have been awarded to researchers at the Department of Clinical Medicine. Each fellowship is accompanied by DKK 10 million to help the young talents continue with their research over the next five years.

2018.10.23 | Research, Research, All groups

Visit to PROMEMO by The Academy of Talented Young People

20 students from the organisation The Academy of Talented Young People visited PROMEMO on October 11 2018 in order to learn more about the memory research conducted there.

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