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2018.10.18 | PhD students, Health, Health

Earlier puberty linked to mother's smoking during pregnancy

If the mother smokes during pregnancy, there is a risk of her children going into puberty earlier. This is shown by a major study from Aarhus University which has just been published in the international journal American Journal of Epidemiology.

Photo: Lise Balsby

2018.10.11 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), Students

University elections – your vote counts

In the period 12–15 November, students will once again be electing representatives to the councils, boards and committees at the university. If you are interested in standing for election, now is the time to get involved. You can also make a difference by voting for the candidate who you think is best qualified to make a difference for your degree…

2018.10.10 | Seminar, Research, PhD students

Biomedicine Seminar

Dr. Seyed Mehdi Jafarnejad Shourkaei will present the work of his research group. The title of his talk is “Fine-tuning and quality control of mRNA translation; implications in development and disease”.

Professor Sven Erik Nørholt from Health. Foto: AUH

2018.10.18 | People news, Health and disease, Public/Media

Professor Sven Erik Nørholt from Health receives award

Professor and Head Dentist Sven Erik Nørholt from AU and AUH receives Zendium's research prize for his research into maxillofacial surgery and diseases of the jaw bones.

Ellen-Margrethe Skou cuts the ribbon to the new Skou-bygning. Foto: Lars Kruse, Aarhus Universitet.

2018.10.12 | Events, Administration (Academic), Public/Media

VIDEO: Experience the atmosphere from the inauguration of the Skou Building

On Monday 8 October, the doors to the Skou Building were opened for the first time. Take a look inside the new biomedical research building and hear what Jens Christian Skou would have said about the ceremony.

2018.10.09 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Academic staff

PhD defence: Mathias Rædkjær

Impact of comorbidity and socioeconomic position on prognosis, and use of healthcare services before diagnosis in Danish sarcoma patients 2000-2013.

2018.10.09 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Academic staff

PhD defence: Anders Valdemar Edhager

Translational Proteomics for the Identification of Protein Alterations and Biomarkers in Disease Models

2018.10.09 | Event, Health and disease, PhD students

Inaugural lecture: Hugh Watson

Ascites endpoints in trials

2018.10.09 | Research, Public/Media, Runsafe

New valuable Damsted et al.-publication

A RUNSAFE-based publication on running experience, running pace and injury has been published in JSAMS.

2018.10.10 | Events, Administration (Academic), Health

Crab claws, speeches and three hundred guests inaugurated the Skou Building

Around three hundred guests, all with some kind of varying affiliation to the newly inaugurated Skou Building in the University Park, listened to speeches and were given a tour of the state-of-the-art research building. We’ll return to the crab claws...

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