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2019.05.07 | Administrative, Technical / administrative staff, Health

New and improved AU Translate

If you need help with translation from Danish into English, try using the new and improved version of AU Translate. AU Translate works in the same way as online translation solutions like Google Translate, but is tailored to AU’s needs. The new version of AU Translate is still based on AU's own terminology bases and translation memories. But the…

Cecilie Bay-Richter receives DKK 200,000 from the Riisfort Foundation. Photo: Darren Claire

2019.05.03 | Grants and awards, Research, All groups

Associate professor at TNU receives grant from the Riisfort Foundation

Cecilie Bay-Richter, Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University receives DKK 200,000 from the Riisfort Foundation for research into specific molecules and neurotransmitters in the brains of mice with autism-like behaviour.

[Translate to English:] I forlængelse af konferencen om kønsbalance den 8. marts ønsker universitetsledelsen at se mærkbare forbedringer i kønsbalancen på AU. Foto: Anders Hylander.

2019.05.06 | Research, Administration (Academic), All groups

AU’s new committee for diversity and gender equality is taking shape

A new central committee for diversity and gender equality is being established at Aarhus University. The committee is headed by the rector and the pro-rector.

2019.05.02 | Seminar, Research, All groups

Neuroscience/Dandrite Workshop

Neuroscience/Dandrite workshop on Parkinson’s disease and alpha-synuclein

2019.05.02 | Event, Research, All groups

Workshop on Parkinson’s disease and alpha-synuclein

Hilal Lashuel: Associate professor, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Brain Mind Institute, Switzerland. Title of talk: "Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Process of Lewy body formation In Parkinson's disease. "The issue is in the Tissue". Kostas Vekrellis: Associate Professor in Neurobiology, Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of…

[Translate to English:] I forbindelse med SDG-konferencen på AU i februar 2019 annoncerede Udvalget for Forskning og Eksternt Samarbejde, at man ville støtte 2-3 netværk baseret på partnerskaber mellem AU, offentlige myndigheder og erhvervslivet. 
Foto: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

2019.05.03 | Grants and awards, Research, All groups

AU funds research networks that will contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Two new network projects at Aarhus University have been established in order to generate new knowledge that can help society achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The networks are funded by the Committee for Research and External Cooperation at AU with DKK 1 million each.

2019.05.02 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Public/Media

PhD defence: Mats Høy Bue

Bone, intervertebral disc and subcutaneous adipose tissue pharmacokinetics of vancomycin obtained by microdialysis.

2019.05.01 | Research, Research, All groups

Group leader Anders Nykjær is co-author to new paper in Cell Reports

A new paper paper by Malik et al in Cell Reports, coauthored by Anders Nykjaer, demonstrates that the receptor SorCS2 is protective against the brain damage that follows an epileptic seizure. They find that SorCS2 secures proper expression of EEAT3, a transporter that mediates cellular uptake of the amino acid cysteine, at the plasma membrane of…

2019.05.01 | Event, Research, All groups

Neuroscience Seminar by Anne M. Klawonn

Title of talk: “Neuromodulators of Motivational and Affective Neurocircuits – Aversive, Rewarding and anhedonic features”

2019.05.01 | Event, Research, All groups

Seminar by Gergely Szabo

Title of the talk: GABAergic inhibition coincident with sharp wave-ripples broadcasts within and beyond the hippocampal formation

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