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2020.01.10 | PhD defense, Health and disease, PhD students

PhD defence: Nanna-Sophie Brinck Andersen

Host genetic susceptibility to poliovirus infection

2020.01.10 | PhD defense, Health and disease, PhD students

PhD defence: Sidsel Støy

Immune mechanisms in alcoholic hepatitis.

Mette Hansen will look into whether young women can better adjust their appetite when they start the day with a protein breakfast. Photo: Erik Zappon.

2020.01.09 | Grants and awards, Health and disease, Public/Media

Is breakfast crucial for young women’s (over)weight?

Associate Professor Mette Hansen from Aarhus University will use a grant of almost DKK two million from the Danish Dairy Research Foundation to investigate what effect skipping breakfast has on young women’s weight and appetite regulation as well as for their physical activity and ability to concentrate during the rest of the day. The goal is to…

2020.01.09 | Event, PhD students, Dandrite

Invitation to Sigrid Thirup Larsen's PhD defense: 'Activity and Regulation of Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPases – Functional and Structural Characterisation'

Sigrid would like to invite you all to her PhD defence, Monday the 20th at 13.15 in Aud. F at mathematics. The defence will be followed by a reception in the science park lunch room starting around 16.00. There will be cake, beer, champagne and some sort of food - So come eat, drink and celebrate that she finished her PhD!

2020.01.09 | Conference, Education, learning and philosophy, Academic staff

Robophilosophy 2020 - Culturally Sustainable Social Robotics

Once we place so-called ‘social robots’ into the social practices of our everyday lives and lifeworlds, we create complex, and possibly irreversible, interventions in the physical and semantic spaces of human culture and sociality. The long-term socio-cultural consequences of these interventions is currently impossible to gauge. While the use of…

2020.01.09 | Research, Public/Media, Health

Diabetes before or during pregnancy linked to early heart disease in children

Children born to mothers who have diabetes before becoming pregnant or during her pregnancy have a greater risk of heart diseases later in life. This is shown by research from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. Prevention and treatment for those women at childbearing ages can help to reduce this risk.

At the PhD Day on 24 January 2020, three of Health’s most talented PhD students will demonstrate their presentation skills in a battle to win the Fogh-Nielsen scholarship. Photo: Simon Fischel/Health Communication.

2020.01.09 | Administration (Academic), Health, Health

VIDEO: Meet this year’s three Fogh-Nielsen finalists

With both their research and their dissemination skills being assessed, three talented PhD students will fight for the main prize in this year's Fogh-Nielsen competition. Watch each of the three finalists present their research project in one minute.

2020.01.08 | People news, Research, Academic staff

Welcome to Bodda Chiranjeevi - a new assistant professor in Anders Nykjær's group

Bodda, called Chiru, started as an assistant professor in Anders Nykjær's group on 1 December. He will be studying the molecular mechanisms by which SorCS receptors control development and functionality of the nervous system.

2020.01.08 | People news, Research, Academic staff

Welcome to Lilian Kisiswa - new assistant professor in Anders Nykjær's group

Lilian started as an assistant professor in Anders Nykjær's group on 2 January. She will be working on unravelling the cellular and intracellular mechanisms involved in loss of neuronal connectivity and memory impairment during ageing and neurodegenerative disorders.

2020.01.08 | Conference, Alumni, External target group

8th e-HRM International Conference Managing human resources in digitalized organizations and ecosystems

The aim of the 8th e-HRM Conference is to enable scholars and professionals from around the world to share new ideas on, insights into and experiences with people management in an increasingly digitalized organizational world.

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