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The new honorary doctors. From the left: Professor Conny Aerts, professor Patracia Bauer, professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, professor Katja Zeppenfeld, professor Peter L. Tyack.

2021.08.19 | Research, All groups, All AU units

Aarhus University appoints five new honorary doctors

Androids, early childhood memories and marine mammal communication: Aarhus University’s five new honorary doctors work in a wide variety of fields. The honorary degrees have just been conferred at the annual celebration which marks the university’s anniversary.

2021.08.25 | People news, Health and disease, All groups

New PhD Student from August 1: Amalie Lambert Kristensen

Amalie Lambert Kristensen, MD is working with venous thromboembolism in patients undergoing operations for lung cancer.

You need to check your spam filter the following time (Photo: Lars Kruse)

2021.08.24 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Remember to check your spam filter

A new technical solution is being rolled out at AU to protect your inbox against fraudulent emails. Until the solution has been fully implemented, you should keep an extra eye on your spam filter.

Sign up for this year's Medical Innovation Day and get insight into the health innovation of the future. Photo: Jann Zeiss, AU Health

2021.08.25 | Events, PhD students, Health

Want some insight into the health innovation of the future?

In keeping with tradition, Health invites all those who are interested in medical innovation to its Medical Innovation Day, where the faculty brings students and researchers together with companies and foundations to create innovative healthcare solutions. The event is open to anyone with an interest in what is happening in the field.

2021.08.24 | Research, All groups, Protecttrial

Novel European public-private partnership set to develop the clinical use of proton therapy

19 public and industry partners across Europe are joining forces in an ambitious collaborative clinical research project with the aim of setting new standards for the clinical use of proton radiotherapy.

Image of Keisuke Yonehara.

2021.08.24 | Research, PhD students, Dandrite

New press release on recent publication in Neuron by the Yonehara Group is out

Recently the Yonehara Group had its study published in Neuron. The study is titled: “Direction selectivity in retinal bipolar cell axon terminals”. Now a press release has been published in Danish on the study. You can read it here.

2021.08.24 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Hungry? The canteens on campus are now open again

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many of the canteens at Aarhus University have been closed for most of the spring and summer. But now they’re chopping, frying and braising again – so students and staff no longer have to go hungry on campus.

Karin Lykke-Hartmann took up her professorship at the Department of Biomedicine on 1 August 2021. Photo: Simon Byrial Fischel, AU Health.

2021.08.23 | People news, Public/Media, Health

Professor develops new treatment for infertile women

Karin Lykke-Hartmann is Aarhus University’s new professor of reproductive medicine. Her work involves studying the genes found in the ovaries in the hope of being able to stimulate the maturation of women’s eggs. If she succeeds, this will be good news for the many infertile women who do not benefit from the traditional hormonal fertility…

2021.08.24 | Research, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine

New finding on where in the eye we register visual movements

Our visual cerebral cortex is where we collect and process the visual impressions that enable us to navigate in our surroundings. Research from Aarhus University now shows that we record visual movements somewhere else in the brain than previously thought. This knowledge can be used to understand how the brain monitors its environments.

2021.08.23 | Collaboration, PhD students, Dandrite

Open position: Assistant Professor in Data-Driven Epidemiology and Infection Biology

Umeå University now recruits an Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Data-Driven Epidemiology and Infection Biology (DDLS fellowship in association with The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden). The application deadline is 5 September 2021. You can read more about the position here.

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