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2021.06.21 | Talent development, Research, Students

Prize essay 2022: Does your essay meet the gold standard?

The topic for next year’s prize essay has now been published. One again, students from Aarhus BSS have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their academic ability – and perhaps take the first step on the road to a future research career.

2021.06.09 | Event, Public/Media, External target group

Creative Tastebuds: Conference on sense of taste and sustainability

How can our sense of taste help ensure new and more sustainable food choices? This is the theme of the innovative and interdisciplinary conference "Creative Tastebuds", which will be held in August as a collaboration between Aarhus University, the research and dissemination centre Smag for Livet and the Institute of Meals. Everyone is welcome -…

2021.06.09 | Research, Public/Media, Dandrite

Two new publications from Poul Nissen's group - Ion and lipid transporters specialize for their niche

Cell viability require that a variety of functions at the cell membrane are maintained properly. P-type ATPases translocate substrates across the membrane, and they have evolved into different types taking care of specific substrates within a diverse range. Now, key structural aspects have been described on how two different types of P-type…

2021.06.08 | Conference, Public/Media, External target group

AIAS Conference: Popular receptions of Classical Antiquity

This conference focuses on popular receptions of Classical Antiquity. In doing so, we will explore specific receptions that make immediate sense in a ‘present’ and among large, popular audiences.

After the summer holidays, AU's learning platform will be called Brightspace not Blackboard. Photo: Anders Trærup.

2021.06.07 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All AU units

Brightspace is replacing Blackboard

After the summer holidays, Blackboard will no longer be AU’s learning platform. It will be replaced by Brightspace. You must remember to download the content that you wish to save from Blackboard before 31 October 2021. Read on to find out how:

With the help of comprehensive data from american patients, Tue Wenzel Kragstrup and his colleagues attempt to uncover whether the concentration of ACE2 can perhaps be used as a biomarker to predict the risk of dying as a result of COVID-19. Photo: Simon Byrial Fischel, AU Health.

2021.06.07 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

A high concentration of ACE2 in the blood may increase the risk of serious COVID-19

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causing COVID-19 uses the enzyme ACE2 to access our cells, and the concentration of ACE2 in the blood can predict whether a coronavirus infection will become life-threatening, new study finds.

The Innovation Fund Denmark supports Michael Væggemose’s research project, which is being carried out in close collaboration with partners from business and industry, with a grant of just over DKK 1.2 million. Photo: Private photo.

2021.06.09 | Grants and awards, Research, Public/Media

Engineer receives million kroner grant towards better diagnostic imaging

In a new research project at Aarhus University, PhD Michael Væggemose is developing diagnostic imaging that will enable more precise diagnosis of patients with e.g. strokes, heart attack and kidney failure. The Innovation Fund Denmark supports the project, which is being carried out in collaboration with GE Healthcare and the Alexandra Institute.

2021.06.07 | Seminar, Research, Public/Media

Membranes Seminar

Prof. Ewout Hoorn, Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands: "Potassium and the kidney"

2021.06.07 | Research, Public/Media, Dandrite

Video interview with Azadeh Shahsavar on her glycine transporter research - using EMBL Hamburg’s services and facilities for structural biology

In this video showcase of EMBL Hamburg's scientific services and facilities, Azadeh Shahsavar from Poul Nissen's group explains how the collaboration with EMBL Hamburg and its infrastructure, enabled them to determine the molecular structure of glycine transporter 1. The finding could open new avenues for developing therapeutics for psychiatric…

2021.06.08 | Event, Mindfulness, Public/Media

International Conference on Mindfulness 2021

The theme of ICM 2021 is "Diversity and equality - leaving no one behind." Through four days of talks, workshops and symposia, we will bring attention to the many areas of society, where mindfulness and compassion is making a difference - or has the potential to do so.

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