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Casper Kruse (left) and Rubens Spin-Neto from the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health both won awards in Taiwan. Photo: Private

2017.06.01 | Grants and awards

Two awards to the Aarhus School of Dentistry

Assistant Professor Rubens Spin-Neto and PhD student Casper Kruse, both from Aarhus University, won awards for their scientific contributions at the 21st International Congress of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology in Taiwan.

PhD student Anne Gisselmann Egekvist

2017.05.24 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Anne gisselmann Egekvist

Conserative treatment of rectosigmoid endometriosis

PhD student Mette Kragh

2017.05.24 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Mette Kragh

Wake and light therapy for major depression – efficacy, predictors and patients experiences

PhD student Lone Dragnes Brix

2017.05.24 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Lone Dragnes Brix

Pain following outpatient surgery

PhD student Jakob Toftegaard

2017.05.24 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Jakob Toftegaard

Advanced techniques for motion mitigation in radiotherapy imaging and treatment delivery

PhD student Anne Margrethe Troldborg

2017.05.24 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Anne Margrethe Troldborg

SLE and the innate immune system - the lectin pathway and proteins of the complement system

MD, DMSc and PhD Annemarie Brüel. Photo: AU Photo.

2017.06.01 | People news

Aarhus University gets a new professor of anatomy

MD, DMSc and PhD Annemarie Brüel has been appointed as a new professor with special responsibilities (MSO) of macroscopic anatomy at Aarhus University. She conducts research into osteoporosis and her ambition is to help prevent the disease and develop new drugs for treatment.

If the financial forecasts prove correct, Health must anticipate a loss in 2017 of DKK 16.3 million. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.

2017.06.01 | Administrative

Health is lowering its financial outlook

Falling revenues from the degree programmes, a lower overhead and financial challenges at the departments mean that Health can risk ending 2017 with a deficit of around DKK 16 million.

2017.05.23 | Event

Annual Meeting of the Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS)

The PNS Annual Meeting takes place in Sitges just outside Barcelona, Spain 8-12 July 2017. The IDNC will be represented by Prof. Troels S. Jensen, Prof. Eva Feldman and Postdocs Anete Dudele and Nadia Goncalves.

2017.05.23 | Event

Inaugural lecture: Sandro Esteves

Novel Treatment Concepts in Male Factor Infertility

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