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2018 salary negotiations starting soon

From 1-15 March, employees of Aarhus University can enter information for use in the 2018 salary negotiations.

2018.02.22 | Signe Opstrup

Photo: Melissa B. Kirkeby Yildirim

If you want your salary to be negotiated, you must complete an electronic form by 15 March 2018. The electronic form replaces the old request form, and you access it through your local salary negotiation page.

On the form, you should describe your performance and the skills you have displayed which you think should be considered in the pay negotiations. The description should be concise – no more than one page. The form can only be filled in from 1 March. 

Good preparation is the key

In order to establish the best possible starting point for good salary negotiations, it will be useful for you to familiarise yourself the salary agreement catalogues, salary agreements and any local criteria for pay increases which you must meet. Read more on your local salary negotiation page. You can also contact your union representative if you have any further questions.

On the form, you must state what you would like to be negotiated: supplements or one-off payments. Some employees can also apply for promotion to a higher salary group. This is explained in AU’s salary agreements.

Who will be negotiating my salary?

Your union representative and department head/centre director/deputy director/administrative centre manager will negotiate any pay increases you receive. You will be notified of the outcome as soon as the managers and union representatives have reached agreements for everyone in your unit.

Some employees have the option of negotiating on their own behalf. This applies, for example, to special consultants and senior consultants. Employees who have this right must state on the form that they wish to negotiate with their manager themselves.

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