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Advisory Board strengthens Health’s strategy work

The Advisory Board is visiting Health this week. They are here to assess whether Health's strategy development process is working and whether things are moving in the right direction, both centrally and locally. The board members are therefore also visiting the departments.

2018.11.01 | Sabina Bjerre Hansen

The Advisory Board is visiting Health this week. Photo: Colourbox

Development is the goal. The strategy is ready. And the Advisory Board is one of the means. Health's international panel of advisers is visiting and will be scrutinising both the faculty’s and department’s strategic work and development.

Health's strategy for 2016-2020 and the three priority focus areas: internationalisation, external funding and recruitment, form the basis for discussion when the external advisers, together with the faculty management team, visit the departments to discuss topics such as the revision of the degree programmes, collaboration with industry, innovation, external funding and the organisation of the educational programmes and research.

Visiting the departments
The departments have chosen the topics and the programme is structured so that each department will be visited by two members of the Advisory Board and one or two members of the faculty management team. The idea is for the Advisory Board members to challenge and advise the department heads and the representatives from the departments who participate in the meetings.

For example, the internationalisation of degree programmes is the leading topic for the meeting with the Advisory Board at the Department of Public Health.

"I’m looking forward to sparring with Janet Metcalfe and Seppo Meri, who’ll be visiting us on Thursday together with Vice-dean Charlotte Ringsted and Administrative Centre Manager Nikolaj Harbjerg. Both of them are very competent within their respective fields of study and will undoubtedly be able to contribute with new perspectives on the issues we present to them," says Department Head Ole Bækgaard.

Intensive programme
The members of Health's Advisory Board will be in Aarhus between 1-2 September 2018. The two days are filled with an intensive programme that includes department visits and plenary debates, although there will hopefully also be time to network.

At the end of the visit, each member of the Advisory Board will give their opinion about the strategic focus areas that Health should work on in 2019, based on their conclusions and strategic reflections on the visit and the input and impressions they have received.

What is the Advisory Board?
The Advisory Board at Health was established in 2012 and consists of 13 Danish and international advisers from both private business and industry and the university community. The members of Health's Advisory Board all have special knowledge and experience of the health sciences and its fields of study and each possesses different areas of expertise and interests in health science research, education, knowledge exchange and talent development.

The Advisory Board advises the faculty on strategy and development. In this way, it contributes to ongoing quality assurance of the activities carried out at Health.

The panel includes Peter Kristensen, Senior Vice President of Global Development at Novo Nordisk, Katya Ravid, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry at Boston University, Paul Stewart, Professor and Dean at the University of Leeds, and Peter Kürstein, chair of the board of Radiometer Medical.

Read more in the article "The Advisory Board will provide advice to the departments" from last time Health's external panel of advisors visited Aarhus.

  See the list of members and read more about the Advisory Board on Health’s staff page.     

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