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The Advisory Board will provide advice to the departments

The individual, strategic challenges faced by the departments are at the top of the agenda when Health gets a visit from the Advisory Board this week.

2016.09.12 | Sabina Bjerre Hansen

Health's international panel of advisers is visiting the faculty to, among other things, discuss and provide advice about the strategic challenges facing the departments.

Health's international panel of advisers is visiting the faculty to, among other things, discuss and provide advice about the strategic challenges facing the departments.

Topics such as international research collaboration, the balance between research and research-based teaching, organisational structure and culture, competency development for researchers and external financing will all be discussed when the members of Health's Advisory Board visit the faculty.

Health's Advisory Board consists of Danish and international advisers from both private business and industry and the university community. The board meets every other year. This year, the members will spend two days in Aarhus discussing the strategic challenges that Health’s departments have beforehand outlined for the board. The idea is for the panel to use these topics as the starting point for both challenging and advising the department.

Each department will receive feedback from one of the members, but as this takes place in a plenary session, everyone is given the opportunity to submit ideas and proposals. 

We take valuable feedback back to the department

"I'm looking forward to discussing things with Janet Metcalfe, who will be providing feedback to us at the Department of Biomedicine. We already have some ideas of our own about how we can deal with the challenges facing the department, but getting external input is, of course, both healthy and instructive. I hope that we can benefit from Janet’s experience in advising young research talents and, in particular, her involvement in the Marie Curie programme," says Department Head Thomas G. Jensen.

Janet Meltcalfe is the head of Vitae, a research and consultancy centre in Cambridge, UK, where she works with the career development of researchers.

Two days of workshops, debates and networking

The Advisory Board members all have specific knowledge and experience of the health sciences and its field of study.

The panel includes Peter Kristensen, Senior Vice President of Global Development at Novo Nordisk, Katya Ravid, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry at Boston University, Olle Larkö, Professor and Dean at the University of Gothenburg, and Peter Kürstein, Chairman of the Board of Radiometer Medical.

The members of Health's Advisory Board will be in Aarhus between 8 - 9 September 2016. The two-day visit comprises a busy programme which includes workshops, plenum debates and ample opportunity for networking. Their visit culminates with an invitation to the university's annual celebration.

What is the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board at Health was established in 2012 and comprises 14 external members with various areas of expertise and interests in the fields of health science research, teaching, talent development and knowledge exchange.

The Advisory Board advises the dean and the other members of the management team at Health on issues such as the faculty’s strategy and development. In this way, it contributes to ongoing quality assurance of the activities carried out at the faculty.

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