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Anna Bak Maigaard is the new Head of Studies Administration at Health

Health's new Head of Studies Administration, Anna Bak Maigaard, is looking forward to getting to know her new faculty and discovering what lies beneath the surface.

2016.08.08 | Sabina Bjerre Hansen

Health's new Head of Studies Administration, Anna Bak Maigaard, starts the 1st of August.

Health's new Head of Studies Administration, Anna Bak Maigaard, starts the 1st of August.

When Anna Bak Maigaard starts her new job after the summer holidays at the HE Studies Administration offices at Aarhus School of Dentistry, she will meet her new employees and new colleagues. But it will not be completely uncharted territory for her, as Anna Bak Maigaard has worked in the same educational field around the university for more than ten years. Most recently as an adviser to the vice-dean for education at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

From the humanities to health via the natural sciences

"I am really looking forward to getting better acquainted with Health's study programmes. Health has both large and small degree programmes, new initiatives, subjects with a long tradition and also degree programmes that are research-based and professional Bachelor’s degree programmes. So studies administration must be able to cover many different areas, and that is an exciting challenge," says the new head of studies administration and continues:

"I have a very positive image of Health as a faculty where people take pride in its study programmes and really want to invest in developing them. And that rubs off on and motivates both employees and students," she says.

Education is an absolute focal point

Anna Bak Maigaard has previously held the position of head of studies administration at the Faculty of Arts. So she knows that she has said yes to an exciting position, and she is looking forward to taking on a leadership role again. The common theme for the different positions she has held at AU is that they have focused on education.

"From my years at Arts and Science and Technology, I am familiar with many different ways of thinking about and running educational programmes. I am looking forward to being able to use this experience, and also learning about how Health views education," says Anna Bak Maigaard.

As head of studies administration, Anna Bak Maigaard has the task of ensuring that the more than 4,000 students at Health have the best possible conditions with regard to student guidance, courses of study, exams and much more.

In addition, she will work together with employees at HE Studies Administration, the directors of studies, boards of studies and the vice-dean for education on responding to and implementing major projects and initiatives such as the study progress reform and institutional accreditation, as well as the development and quality assurance of the degree programmes.

Aiming to ensure a stable framework to work in

"My ambition is to be an academically strong head of studies administration who can contribute as a competent sparring’s partner and decision-maker. I know that the demands are high. I am joining an academically strong department that delivers on a high level and has a really good working environment. So my first task will be to ensure continued positive development with a stable framework to work in and to contribute to the good sense of community," says the new head of studies administration.

Anna Bak Maigaard has already said hello to her employees, both in connection with Health's summer party and at a departmental meeting.

Anna Bak Maigaard is married and has three children. She lives in Mårslet south of Aarhus.

Further information

Head of Studies Administration Anna Bak Maigaard
Aarhus University, HE Studies Administration
Mobile: (+45) 2041 2740

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