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Next step towards single sign-on

It is now time to take the next step to ensure that AU staff will be able to access most systems with just one username in the future. As part of this project, PCs which are not connected to UNIAD and/or using Windows 10 will be transferred to UNIAD, and Windows 10 will be installed.

2017.06.15 | Søren Juhl

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AU wants to reduce the number of user databases from twelve to one, i.e. uni.au.dk which is also called UNIAD. If your PC is not connected to UNIAD, it will be transferred to UNIAD in the course of 2017. 

The process and communication
Before the work will be carried out on your PC, you will receive an email with instructions and a two-week time span in which you can make an appointment with your local IT support team. As part of the transition process, the IT support team will make a copy of the computer hard disk to ensure that a backup of data and settings is available if, contrary to expectations, something goes wrong.

The departments (Aarhus BSS, ST, HE)/schools (Arts)/units and the local IT support team will prepare a transition plan to ensure that the work will be completed by 31 December 2017 at the latest.

Improved IT security
At the same time, by installing the most recent operating system (Windows 10) and standard software (Office 2016) on all PCs, the IT security level at AU will be upgraded as well. The upgraded IT security level is a great improvement for all, and at the same time, it reduces the risk of spreading if the organisation is attacked.

The project is also a necessary step in order to be able to offer Office365 and OneDrive to AU’s employees.

Special circumstances
Special circumstances can make it difficult to update some PCs to Windows 10 and Office 2016. AU IT estimates that PCs which are more than four years old must be replaced. PCs used in connection with research installations will be isolated and handled individually to ensure that user PCs are not exposed to security risks. In these cases, the local IT support team will also help to find appropriate solutions for the equipment involved.

Mac and Unix computers will also be connected to UNIAD. This will be done manually by the IT support team.

More information
The project is prioritised by the administration’s management team, LEA, and the steering committee approved the project initiation document on 15 March 2017.

Find more information about the project here www.au.dk/uniad (in Danish), or by contacting IT Project Manager Søren Juhl (sj@au.dk) or your department’s/school’s IT support team manager.

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