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AU publishes its first climate accounts

Join us when AU publishes its first climate accounts at the university’s sustainability network’s last meeting of the year on Wednesday 18 December. At the meeting, university director Arnold Boon will also give an update on the work on AU’s sustainability strategy, and the new AU Garden will be presented. All are welcome!

2019.12.09 | Signe Opstrup

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How much CO2 did AU emit in total in 2018? And what was the biggest source of the university’s CO2 emissions? You can learn the answers to these questions, when AU presents its first climate accounts on 18 December at 15:30-17:30. The meeting is for AU’s sustainability network, but all employees and students are very welcome to participate.

The climate accounts for 2018 are the first of their kind – but will certainly not be the last. The university’s climate impact will be calculated every year, and the climate accounts will then show if the university is on the right track to reduce its climate impact.

The climate accounts are a valuable input for AU’s future sustainability strategy, which includes targets for reducing the university’s CO2 emissions. The strategy, which will be in effect until 2025, will be sent for consultation at the entire university, and the final version is expected to be ready in April 2020.

At the network meeting, the university director will give an update on the strategy, the climate accounts will be explained, and it will be possible to ask further questions.

In addition to the sustainability strategy and the climate accounts, you will also get to hear about what’s happening at AU Garden, the university’s new ‘community garden’ dedicated to biodiversity and social gardening. The garden will have room for a vegetable garden, biodiversity as well as socialising. Behind the project is a small group of dedicated students and employees who are part of the sustainability network. Maybe you want to get involved? Read more about AU Garden on the website.

Practical information

The meeting is for AU’s sustainability network, but all employees and students are welcome. Participation is free of charge.

It will also be possible to watch the meeting via live streaming.

Want to join the sustainability network?

If you are interested in making AU more sustainable and want to be part of AU’s sustainability network, then join the Facebook group #AUSustainability today.

The network is open to all students and employees at Aarhus University who want to share their knowledge, ideas and inspiration for how AU can become more green and sustainable.

Facts about AU’s climate accounts and sustainability strategy

AU’s climate accounts:

  • Are developed by the Danish Centre for Environment and Energy at Aarhus University.
  • Include an overview of AU’s CO2 emissions in 2018.
  • Are the first of their kind at AU and will be calculated every year going forward.
  • Are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol approach – a method which is also used at other universities.
  • Make it possible to keep track of developments in the university’s climate impact.

AU’s sustainability strategy:

  • Is an addition to AU’s overall strategy for 2020-2025.
  • Is being prepared and will be sent for consultation at the university in January/February 2020.
  • Is expected to be approved by April 2020.

Additional information

Read more at au.dk/sustainability. If you have any questions, you are welcome to send an email to Susanne Søes Hejlsvig at sush@au.dk 

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