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Dean Svend Hylleberg announces his return to research and teaching

After just over two decades in management, on 7 January 2015 Svend Hylleberg announced that he will be resigning from his position as dean. He will remain in his post until 30 June, after which he will return to his position as professor at the Department of Economics and Business.

2015.02.24 | Anders Correll

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“It’s no secret that I celebrated my 70th birthday last autumn, and by announcing my departure as dean now, there will be plenty of time to find my replacement”, says Svend Hylleberg.

Svend Hylleberg has led a long career in management, which includes a position as director of studies (1 year), chairman of the degree programme council (2 years), head of section (4 years), head of department (8 years) and dean (9 years).

Transitioning to teaching and research does not frighten Svend Hylleberg in the least. After all, he is one of only three Danes who have earned an entry in the “Who’s Who in Economics”. Teaching and being in contact with the students, especially on the oecon and mat-oecon programmes, has always been a great driving force for him. Also, he is looking forward to being able to contribute to the research at CREATES, which is one of the most highly recognised international research centres at Aarhus University.

“Over the last couple of years, the employees and management at Aarhus BSS have put immense efforts into reorganising the faculty and thereby enabling the school to meet the future demands of the academic world as well as the business world. With the measures we have recently implemented, the faculty is now well-equipped to meet the challenges ahead. The decisions that were made during this process definitely weren’t easy, and not everyone agrees with the results. So for that reason we now have to put some time and effort into establishing a good working relationship and focusing on the academic aspects of the organisation, and I hope everyone will help contribute to this,” says Svend Hylleberg.

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen is now faced with the task of finding a replacement for Svend Hylleberg, whom he refers to as a strong, loyal and visionary leader.

“Svend Hylleberg is indeed a man of passion, and he is strongly committed to his work for Aarhus University. He has made – and still makes – extraordinary efforts for the benefit of the faculty and the university as a whole.  He has solved the very difficult task of bringing Aarhus BSS through the merger and establishing an entirely new organisation. He has been subject to very high demands throughout the entire process, and he has managed to fully live up to them,” says the rector.

Brian Bech Nielsen also emphasises the recent Triple Crown accreditation of Aarhus BSS, which is an international seal of approval as well as a clear expression of the respect that the faculty’s results in the field of education and research have merited.

Svend Hylleberg has recently spearheaded a number of decisions regarding adjustments to the faculty’s organisation, which have been discussed and approved by the senior management team.

“I and the other members of the senior management team fully support the proposed changes, and together with Svend Hylleberg, and possibly also his successor, we will make sure that the changes are implemented and the process completed by the start of the autumn semester this year,” says Brian Bech Nielsen.

The senior management team and Aarhus BSS are currently working on an advertisement for the position of dean. 

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