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Improve your online meetings

Do you need advice and guidance on how to conduct successful online meetings that keep your participants committed and involved? Then you can find inspiration in the new material on successful virtual meetings.

2021.02.11 | Signe Opstrup

On the new website, you can find inspiration on how to create engagement in your online meetings. Photo: Colourbox

When you chair a meeting, do you sometimes experience a lack of energy in the virtual meeting room? Do you think that your online meetings need a more structured approach? Do the meetings lack team spirit and a sense of community? Even though online meetings have been part of our daily lives at the university for quite some time, they can still be a challenge. On the new website ‘Distance management’, you can find inspiration on how you can conduct successful online meetings.

The website contains, for example, five videos with specific information about how to conduct successful virtual meetings. This includes information about how the meeting platform tools can be used and how the structure of the meetings can be adapted. If you want to learn more, you can also find links to a number of articles on the subject.

On the website, you can also find more information about online meetings at AU. For example, an introduction to Teams and Zoom and a guide with advice about personal appearance on the screen.

The website is intended for managers, but the part about conducting virtual meetings is relevant for everyone. In the beginning of March, the website will also be available in English.

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