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International diabetes researcher to be affiliated with Aarhus University

English Rebecca Simmons has received an AIAS Fellowship at Aarhus University, where she will conduct research into the screening and treatment of diabetes.

2016.09.12 | Helle Horskjær Hansen

Rebecca Simmons will be part of the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University for the coming 18 months. She has just received an AIAS Fellowship, which will be used to direct even more focus towards the prevention of diabetes.

"People with type 2 diabetics have a high risk of heart attacks or strokes. The challenge is that many people with diabetes remain undiagnosed, which is a strong argument for screening and treating the condition at an early stage," says Rebecca Simmons, who will utilise national registry data in her research.

"My research can be used to inform health professionals and decision-makers of uncertainties associated with the screening and treatment of diabetes," she explains.

One example of how Rebecca Simmons' research results could be used is as the basis for a decision on whether the Danish government should finance a national screening programme for diabetes. And if the answer is yes, could the research results also give an indication of how any such programme should look?

"My fellowship gives me the chance to develop and expand my research and thereby contribute to improving public health. I am very much looking forward to getting started," says Rebecca Simmons.

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Professor Rebecca Simmons
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