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Can you solve the food industry’s challenges?

The InnovateFood Challenge, which is a new case competition, is looking for 60 talented, Danish and international students who want to help large Danish companies in the food industry find new ways to healthier foods.

2017.03.03 | Louise Asmund-Hjorth

Photo: InnovateFood

Real and current challenges

Twelve real company cases form the basis of the InnovateFood Challenge. In an open innovation setup, you will be part of a talent panel and be working with real and current challenges along with a panel of experts. Subsequently, the solutions will most likely be implemented in the companies.

Get ready for business and industry

As an InnovateFood Challenge participant, you will be working with students from other academic fields and, at the same time, you will get a realistic insight into the daily challenges of a company. This provides you with an opportunity to expand your network and add specific experience to your CV.

The industry is looking for innovative solutions

The InnovateFood Challenge is the core of the new Danish initiative InnovateFood. InnovateFood aims to provide the food industry with knowledge in order to create new innovative solutions within the food industry. The member organisation Danish Food Cluster which consists of 140 large and small companies in the food industry, universities and organisations including Aarhus University is behind InnovateFood.

”The InnovateFood setup is unique with the two customised panels. At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity to direct innovative inputs from researchers and talents into the industry which can help the industry with the large and current challenges which they are facing”, says the manager of InnovateFood Nikolai Milman.

More information about the InnovateFood Challenge 

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