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The Learning Questionnaire is here

A new survey from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science called the Learning Questionnaire has been sent to 4,000 AU students. The survey will provide input to the upcoming subsidy system.

2018.11.08 | Thomas Grønborg Sørensen

[Translate to English:] 4.000 studerende på AU har mulighed for at besvare Læringsbarometeret. Arkivfoto: Lars Kruse.

Until 27 November, around 4,000 AU students have the opportunity to contribute a little extra to the development of their degree programme.

They have been invited to take part in the so-called Learning Questionnaire – a nationwide survey from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The Ministry has recently sent out the Learning Questionnaire to all students at Scandinavian Language and Literature, the Study of Religion, Economics, Law, Biology, Mechanical Engineering (diploma) and the Master’s degree programme in Health Science. Additionally, 1,500 randomly selected students from AU’s other degree programmes have also received the questionnaire. 

The survey contains questions about how the students experience the teaching, the collaboration between students and members of teaching staff, the daily life at the degree programme, the student’s own learning style and the teaching environment.

1.25 per cent of the funding for education

One of the aims of the Learning Questionnaire is that the institutions and academic environments should be able to use the results in the ongoing quality assurance at the degree programmes. Therefore, AU will have an internal discussion in the spring of 2019 about whether the Learning Questionnaire might replace the existing study environment survey, so that the university can avoid sending too many questionnaires to students. 

This is the first time the Learning Questionnaire survey will be carried out. The survey will provide input to the upcoming subsidy system, in which 1.25 per cent of the funding for 2022 will be distributed based on the students’ responses. 

The Learning Questionnaire is being sent out at the same time as the Ministry is also collecting data for the guidance tool Uddannelseszoom (degree programme zoom), to which all students in higher education degree programmes have the opportunity to contribute.


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