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Staff parking in the vicinity of Health

From 1 February 2018, additional parking areas at AU will be reserved for employees at AU. These include the majority of parking spaces around Health’s buildings in the University Park and at Dalgas Avenue. If you wish to make use of the parking spaces, and you have not already got a parking permit, then you must register your car digitally.

2018.02.08 | Lise Wendel Eriksen

From 1 February 2018, you must register your car digitally if you want to avoid a parking fine when parking in the vicinity of Health. Photo: Christina Troelsen. Photo: Christina Troelsen

A large part of the parking areas in the University Park around the Aarhus School of Dentistry, the Victor Albeck Building, the Bartholin Building, the Anatomy complex, Public Health and also the Section for Sport Science at Dalgas Avenue, will be reserved for AU employees. From 1 February, parking in these spaces requires digital registration of your car.


Staff parking

In the links below, you can see a map of the areas in the University Park and at the Section for Sport Science at Dalgas Avenue that are part of staff parking from 1 February:

Staff parking in the University Park and Staff parking at the Section for Sport Science (Dalgas Avenue)

You can create a parking permit at au.dk/parkering. If you have already created a parking permit at au.dk/parkering, your permit will have been automatically extended until 31 December 2020.

Once your parking permit has been created at au.dk/parkering, you will also be able to use the parking available at Navitas Level 2, signposted ASE/ENG (AU Engineering). Please note that this building is only open between 08:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.


No fines before 1 March

In order to ensure that all employees are familiar with the new parking rules at AU, until 28 February, no parking fines will be given in the areas that are signposted in Danish as 'Medarbejderparkering' (staff parking). Please note that this only applies to the staff parking in the University Park, at Dalgas Avenue (Sport Science) and at Jens Baggesens Vej (HR).

If you receive a fine in error for parking in an AU designated employee parking space in the period 1 February – 28 February 2018, you can contact tek@au.dk.


How to create a parking permit

Staff who work primarily at AU can create a free parking permit at au.dk/parkering. Once you have registered your car, the parking attendant can see that you are allowed to park in the parking areas by scanning the car’s license plate.

You may register up to two cars, but both cars may not be parked in the AU employee parking areas at the same time. Find out more about staff parking at au.dk/parkering.


Guest parking

AU staff can also register parking for visitors at au.dk/parkering. This allows visitors to park in one of the parking spaces reserved for AU employees. You can only register parking for visitors for one day at a time.


Student parking

Students can use public parking spaces in the University Park and at Aarhus BSS:

Public parking, the University Park

In most locations, staff parking applies only on weekdays between 07:00 - 17:00. However, there are exceptions, so remember to check the parking signs where you park.

Find out more here Do you need to park at AU? (for staff) and Do you need to park at AU? (for students).



If you have any further questions, please contact:

  • Parking rules and regulations – Contact ParkZone on 7025 2696.
  • Staff parking at AU – contact tek@au.dk.


Last updated on the 6th of February 2018

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