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Meet Nobel Laureate Peter C. Agre

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Peter C. Agre pays us a virtual visit and talks about his academic career under the heading "A Life in Science: Challenges & Rewards".

2021.03.24 | Health Kommunikation

Date Wed 21 Apr
Time 14:30 16:00
Location Online via Zoom
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Peter C. Agre received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 for his discovery of aquaporins – water channels that are proteins and transport water molecules through the cell membrane. It was a groundbreaking discovery, which has since paved the way for new opportunities to understand and develop new and more effective drugs for the treatment of serious renal, liver and cardiovascular diseases, where the regulation of the body's water and salt balance is disrupted.

Although that does not mean Peter C. Agre's visit is only of interest to researchers and others with insight into molecular biology and medicine. In fact, the event is aimed at all ambitious researchers and is open to everyone.

The presentation covers motivation, challenges, career paths and ethics, among other topics. And why working in different academic environments – both nationally and internationally – is so crucial.


  • Welcome by dean Lars Bo Nielsen
  • Presentation: “A Life in Science: Challenges & Rewards” by Nobel Laureate and professor Peter C. Agre
  • Nobel Laureate and professor Peter C. Agre answers questions from the participants
  • Round-off by dean Lars Bo Nielsen.

The events is open to everyone by registering via Conference Manager

The deadline for registration is 15 April 2021.

Health's Nobel Laureate Talk with Peter C. Agre will be admitted and can subsequently be viewed or re-viewed via a link on the front page of the faculty's staff website. The admission is available until 1 May 2021.

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