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The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has asked all of Denmark’s educational institutions to contribute concrete experience with digital technologies in the teaching and development of digital skills among all students. This is the first part of a new project to provide the higher education degree programmes with a technological upgrade.

2018.08.28 | Camilla Schrøder

Many teachers at Aarhus University are already making use of the opportunities technology provides. And with the recent major investment in educational IT and the overall digitisation initiative, Aarhus University is in the middle of an comprehensive development aimed at ensuring that the students are prepared for the labour market of the future.

Pro-rector Berit Eika, on behalf of the senior management team, urges everyone with good ideas and experience with digitisation in teaching to submit their input to the ministry.

“Digitisation and the increased use of technologies in teaching are very high priorities for us, and in the academic environments, a number of ambitious initiatives have been launched. I can only urge everyone to contribute input on the possibilities and barriers they experience,” says Berit Eika.

According to the ministry’s press release, the universities’ input will be collected in an inspiration catalogue that will be published in the autumn. This is part of the effort to develop a national action plan for digital technologies in all higher education degree programmes.

The Education Committee, of which pro-rector Berit Eika is the chair, will compose a contribution on Aarhus University’s general efforts in the area.

Anyone can submit their contributions directly to the ministry through the ministry’s website ufm.dk/teknologisk-upgrade (Danish only).

The deadline for contributions is 15 October 2018.

Read more in the press release from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (in Danish)

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