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New shared IT webshop

AU’s new IT webshop will be used the next time you need to buy new IT equipment. The new solution offers a better user experience and replaces the current local IT webshops.

2021.04.26 | Louise Asmund-Hjorth

From now on, all purchases of new phones, PCs or other IT equipment for employees must take place through AU’s new shared IT webshop.

Michael Møltorp, team leader at Arts IT Support, has been in charge of the technical implementation of the new IT webshop. He is especially pleased with the modernisation and uniformity of the user interface and the underlying software.  

“Employees will now be met by a user-friendly and modern design that follows the standards set by most online webshops. We have also automated a number of manual processes with this new solution, which have previously caused posting errors. We will avoid those errors in the future,” says Michael Møltorp.

Useful information about the new shared IT webshop:

  • Everyone has access to the IT webshop. Who will actually be responsible for buying the IT equipment for you will depend on how this task is organised in your unit.
  • You can access the IT webshop directly when you have logged on to your computer with your AUID and password (or on your mobile through Outlook or webmail). The old solution required you to log on to the local IT webshops manually, when you wanted to purchase equipment.
  • In contrast to the old solution, you must enter the ‘sagsnummer’ (project number) and ‘sagsopgave’ (activity number) to complete the purchase. This will ensure that the purchase is automatically registered correctly in the accounts from the start. You can get the ‘sagsnummer’ (project number) and ‘sagsopgave’ (activity number) from the financial controller in the secretariat assigned to your department/school/centre/unit.
  • During 2021, predefined IT equipment start packages will be available in the webshop. This will make it easier to buy the right equipment, so you do not overlook or forget for example to order a docking station separately for laptops.

Successful webshop upgrades at AU

The new shared IT webshop is the last part of a general upgrade of webshops at AU, which began in 2019. Merete Foged, systems consultant in Financial Control, has been the general project manager for the upgrade:

“The shared IT webshop is based on the same system as the AU webshop and the Science Museum’s webshop, which was launched in 2020. The experience has been positive. And the integration into the accounting system has made the process easier for both the buyer and the seller,” says Merete Foged. 

From now on, you can find the IT webshop here: itwebshop.au.dk. It can also be found under staff service and on local faculty portals. As always, the local support units are ready to help if you need it. 

Further information:

  • If you want to know more about the IT webshop and the technical implementation process, you can contact Michael Møltorp, mmo@au.dk
  • Questions concerning the implementation cooperation between the IT support units and AU Finance and Estates Projects and Development can be directed to Merete Foged, merete.foged@au.dk
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