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Newsletter 71, March 2017

Dear All Please find latest news from the department.

2017.03.06 | Thomas G. Jensen


We've got the financial statements for 2016 and it looks reasonable. There is a small surplus in the budget (DR1) - in the order of 1 million kr. - and the money can be transferred to 2017. Overhead income is roughly as the budget, but the consumption of external resources (DR4) is less than the budget, and also less than consumption in 2015. The decrease in the consumption of external funds in 2016 is approximately 20 million. kr. compared to the previous year. There are a number of reasons for this: A research center has stopped in using funds (MIND), consumption in another research center (Dandrite) is for technical reasons moved from DR4 to DR1, in addition, an extraordinarily high consumption in 2015 in a center (iPSYCH ) contributed to a decline in consumption in 2016. Overall, the impression is that a number of scientists have been careful to use the money they have. The budget for 2017 is in balance, although we expect a rent increase, as a result of the acquisition of Skou-building, and extraordinary costs due to the relocation and new equipment.


Construction processes

The plan is still that the Skou-building is ready in October, and then there are about 3 months until we should be out of the Bartholin and Anatomy buildings. The plans for who should be where in Skou building was announced in the December newsletter, and they can also be seen here:


As an alternative to "old-fashioned" tours, which have proven to be very costly, we are currently planning a virtual tour in the new building. More info on this follows.


Moving processes

We must now proceed to develop detailed plans on the moving processed. In the management team, we will prioritize the development of manuals for who will move when, who should do what in the process, how much moving people should help on common equipment, and so on. A particular challenge is the movement of the animal facilities in the Bartholin and Anatomy -buildings; we plan to run the facilities both in Skou building and Bartholin and Anatomy buildings simultaneously.


The Novo Nordisk price

There will be special lecture by Poul Nissen in connection to the award of the Novo Nordisk Prize: March 10 at noon in the Jeppe Vontillius Auditorium.


VIP meeting Monday 27. March at 13-16 (possibly 14-16)

The Department holds a meeting for all VIP. Detailed agenda follows. Topics are among others EU cooperation and bibliometrics and - maybe bio-security.


Electronic teaching exchange for PhD students

All Ph.D. students have to to teach / communicate, but not everyone has easy access to meet the education requirement. Therefore, the PhD school has created a database where Ph.D. students can register under the heading "Sign me up - I want to teach", after which the course leaders can search for qualified training capacity for specific courses. The database is available at http://phd.au.dk/gradschools/health/programmes/biomedicine/teaching-assistance/

Great interest in innovation

New data from the University's Tech Transfer Office (TTO) show high activity regarding inventions:



Subsidized jobs, etc.

The Department regularly receive inquiries about job training, subsidized jobs etc. Groups that have an interest in establishing such can turn to Anni Mandrup Høg on annimh@biomed.au.dk and hear more. Specifically, we have applications for traineeship from both laboratory technicians and laboratory technicians.

Elections for the Department Forum

May 18-19 there are elections for the department Forum. Up for election are two VIP seats, two TAP seats, one PhD-student seat and one medical student seat. At this election the election term has run out for Annette Thomsen (TAP), Inger Merete Paulsen (TAP), Steffen Thiel (VIP), Hanne Møller (VIP), Kathiga Thavachelvam (PhD) og Niels Jørgen Christensen (stud. Med.) 

You can read more about the election and how to run for the election here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/elections-for-the-department-forum-2017/


News from the Department SU

Last meeting in the SU was held on 28 February. Minutes are being prepared.


News from the Department forum

The last meeting of the departmental forum was held on March 2, and also there are minutes on the way.


Academic Council

Minutes from the last meeting on 21 February is on its way.


Faculty SU

Minutes from the last meeting held on January 26 can be seen here:



Yours sincerely

Thomas G. Jensen

Administrative, All groups, Department of Biomedicine, Department of Biomedicine, Policy and strategy