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New digital platform with 300,000 pages of scientific publications

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters has just launched a new, free online platform with all the publications published by its publishing house since 1745.

2021.01.25 | Anders Hylander

Photo: Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters has been publishing research publications for more than 275 years. Over 6,500 dissertations have been uploaded to more than 300,000 pages. All these publications can now be accessed free of charge via a new digital platform launched by the academy recently.

In a press release in connection with the launch, the academy writes that the platform can be used by researchers, students or anyone interested in the history of science.

The publications on the platform cover a vast range of topics, such as different species of squid, images of Punic gods, records of King Canute the Holy’s coin collection and the astronomical observations of the passage of Venus past the sun in 1769, writes the academy.

They also write that the platform will be updated regularly with the latest scientific publications from the academy, so that publications are released on the platform for use free of charge only one year after the date of publication.

FACT BOX: About the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

  • The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters was established in 1743. The academy's first publication was in 1745. The publishing house has continued without break ever since.
  • The purpose of the academy is to strengthen science in Denmark and promote interdisciplinary understanding. It also acts as a liaison body and a meeting place for prominent researchers from all fields of basic scientific research from all over Denmark.
  • The academy has approx. 250 Danish and 250 international members. Among the Danish members, approximately two-fifths are from the humanities and approximately three-fifths are from the natural sciences.
  • Read more about the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

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