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New management structure on the way for the PhD programme

The talent area at Health will be strengthened when Vice-Dean and Head of Graduate School Lise Wogensen Bach shortly lets go of the reins as the day-to-day head of graduate school and concentrates more fully on the strategic aspects in collaboration with a new head of graduate school who will work on a half time basis.

2015.12.04 | Kirsten Olesen

Vice-Dean for Talent Development and Head of Graduate School Lise Wogensen Bach, Health. Photo: Jesper Rais, AU.

The management of the graduate school at Health will shortly alter its current structure, in which Vice-Dean for Talent Development and Head of Graduate School Lise Wogensen Bach is also the day-to-day head of the school. This will take place when a new position as day-to-day head of graduate school on a half time basis is advertised at Health.

The change is being made to release resources to develop and implement strategic initiatives that can help to develop a PhD programme with international impact by 2020. To ensure that this goal is achieved, Lise Wogensen Bach is relinquishing the function of head of graduate school. At the same time, a new head of graduate school will be appointed on a half time basis, and a coordinator will be allocated to the research programme director from CLinFO.

Can only achieve our goal as a team

With the new management structure, the vice-dean will be able to focus on strengthening the entire talent area at Health, including the PhD degree programme. She will continue to have the managerial responsibility for the PhD area, both in terms of strategy and the overall finances.
The day-to-day management will consist of a new head of graduate school, the three research programme directors and the division manager for HE PhD Administration.

"An attractive PhD programme can only be achieved by strengthening the cooperation between the senior management of the graduate school, the research programme directors, department heads, researchers/supervisors and the administration, and this is what the new structure will take into account," says Lise Wogensen Bach and adds:

"All parties have different tasks and competences, which must work together so that we can achieve our goal in 2020 if we work together as a team."

The coming head of graduate school should be a recognised researcher and have experience of and insight into the PhD degree programme. The job advertisement is expected to be ready before Christmas.


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