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New directors of studies at Health have been appointed

Per Höllsberg, Kristian Raun Thomsen and Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen have been appointed as the new directors of studies at medicine, sport science and health sciences, respectively

2015.04.09 | Christina Lund Højfeldt

Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen, director of studies at health sciences

Per Höllsberg, director of studies at medicine

Kristian Raun Thomsen, director of studies at sport science

The directors of studies at Health were appointed on 1 February 2015. For Per Höllsberg and Kristian Raun Thomsen, this is an entirely new position, while Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen is familiar with the job, as she has previously served as director of studies for the Master’s degree programme in health science. Together with the three reappointed directors of studies and the boards of studies, they have responsibility for teaching and exams in all of Health’s degree programmes, which will ensure a busy spring for all of them.

Vice-Dean for Education at Health, Charlotte Ringsted, is looking forward to working closely with both the newly appointed and reappointed directors of studies.

"The directors of studies have a major and very important role in relation to ensuring and developing the quality of teaching and education, in particular at a time with a great deal of focus on the field of education by virtue of political initiatives such as the study progress reform and institutional accreditation," says Charlotte Ringsted.

The study progress reform impacts the degree programmes

The three directors of studies all agree that the study progress reform places new demands on the degree programmes and is an area that will influence their work. The health science degree programmes will come to admit more students, which places demands on the continuous development and evaluation of the quality of the programmes. The health science degree programme comprises the Master’s degree programme in Health Science, the Master's degree programme in Optometry and Visual Science, the Master’s degree programme in Nursing and the Professional degree programme in Clinical Nursing.

Director of studies for health sciences Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen is in charge of merging the boards of studies and establishing joint method tracks and elective subjects.

"Much is happening in the field of education at the moment and looking at the Master’s degree programme in health sciences, we have started a new track. As director of studies my primary task is to continue to ensure the high quality of our degree programmes in spite of the many initiatives," says Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen.

Degree programmes must adapt to the demands of the job market

The directors of studies have a common ambition to develop the degree programmes in line with the demands being made of the new graduates. One important area here is communication and digital media.

"An important item on my agenda is a better utilisation of the opportunities available within, both in the communication between the students and teaching staff, as well as between the students," says Per Höllsberg, director of studies for medicine.

Another important area involves creating the best conditions for both teaching staff and students. The director of studies for sport science, Kristian Raun Thomsen, points to research as one of the elements for achieving this ambition.

"I will work to maintain and improve the opportunities which our teaching staff have to deliver high quality research-based teaching, both within the areas of biology and the humanities, but also in the practical educational development area," says Kristian Raun Thomsen.


Per Höllsberg graduated as a medical doctor from Aarhus University and has previously worked at Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. He wrote his higher doctoral dissertation on T-cell activation by viral infection and after nine years in the USA he returned to Aarhus University where he is now professor of medical virology at the Department of Biomedicine. The students named him Lecturer of the Year in 2010.

Kristian Raun Thomsen graduated with a Master of Arts in Pedagogics and a Master of Science degree in Sport Science. He has a background as a folk high school teacher and also an elite football player and trainer. He has been employed at the Section for Sport Science since 2009 and is presently teaching associate professor.

Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen holds an MSc in Health Science from 2004 and a PhD degree from 2007. The MSc builds on her basic education as a biomedical laboratory scientist. She was postdoc at Aarhus University Hospital from 2007 to 2010. At Aarhus University she has worked as associate professor of epidemiology at the Department of Public Health from 2010-2014 and as professor of reproductive epidemiology at the same department since June 2014.

Board of Studies at Health:
Medicine: Per Höllsberg (newly appointed)
Odontology: Eva Sidelmann Karring (reappointed)
Health Sciences*: Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen (newly appointed)
Public Health Science: Mette Vinther Skriver (reappointed)
Sport Science: Kristian Raun Thomsen (newly appointed)
School for Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Clinical Technicians (SKT): Lene Martinussen (reappointed)

* The Professional degree programme in Clinical Nursing, Master’s degree programme in Nursing, Master's degree programme in Optometry and Visual Science, and the Master’s degree programme in Health Science have been combined in a joint board of studies named Health Sciences. The previous board of studies has been abolished. 


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