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New director of studies for the dentistry degree programme

From 1 February 2019, Associate Professor Irene Dige is new director of studies at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health. As director of studies, she is responsible for the dentistry degree programme at both Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

2019.02.07 | Sabina Bjerre Hansen

Associate Professor and Director of Studies Irene Dige will be working with the board of studies to prepare new academic regulations for the dentistry degree programme. Photo: AU.

After four years as an ordinary member of the board of studies for odontology, Irene Dige now takes up the position of director of studies. And she surely will not have time to get bored! Ahead lies a new set of academic regulations for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Odontology.

The structures in the current academic regulations for odontology have remained unaltered for a long time. While additions have been made, there has not been a more general clearing up among the regulations and this has led to a set of academic regulations that are overloaded with obsolete elements. The new academic regulations will rectify this, so they firstly live up to the vision and strategy work taking place at the department and, secondly, will be coordinated with the changes that are underway for the academic regulations at the department’s other study programmes. This process will be headed by Irene Dige.

Interaction with the clinic is her lifeblood

Irene Dige teaches at all levels of the dentistry degree programme, all the way from basic knowledge about tooth formation to diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the hard dental tissue such as caries. When it comes to research, she also works with the microbiological processes that lead to the development of caries.

Irene Dige also spends a few hours each week working in private practice in order to maintain contact with the clinical environment. Her focus is on ensuring that graduates from the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health receive an education that matches the requirements found in the clinics – because that is where the patients are.

Irene Dige takes over the position of director of studies from Teaching Associate Professor Eva Karring.


Associate Professor, PhD & Director of Studies Irene Dige
Aarhus University, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health
Mobile: (+45) 2126 1146
Email: idige@dent.au.dk

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