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AU IT to relocate to the University City

In 2022, AU IT will move from its current premises on Helsingforsgade to a new central location on the north side of the University City. AU IT will now begin the process of clarifying what the unit’s employees need and want from their new premises.

2020.09.16 | Signe Opstrup

The photo shows the building that will become AU IT’s new home in 2022. Before the unit moves in, the building will be extensively renovated and refurbished. Photo: Lars Kruse

In 2022, all of AU IT’s employees will get a new roof over their heads: the entire unit is moving from their current premises on Helsingforsgade to building 1872 on the north side of the University City.

The decision was made by the steering committee for the development of the university’ campuses, and is a natural extension of the pans to develop and expand the Katrinebjerg area by moving in activities from three faculties: Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences and Arts.

The plan is to relocate AU IT to a central location in the University City. In order to ensure reliable, rapid IT support for the university's operations and development, AU IT needs to be centrally located on AU’s Aarhus campus. Peter Bruun Nielsen, deputy director for AU IT, sees a lot of potential in the University City as a future framework for AU IT’s activities.

“In addition to becoming part of an exciting area in the midst of a great transformation, the location in the University City will mean that we will be able to get around to the different parts of the university we serve quickly and easily,” he said.

It will be even easier for to access the the university’s different units when the northern passage under Nørrebrogade which will link the University City and the University Park opens in 2022.

Relocation committee and involvement

Before AU IT moves into the new building, it will be completely renovated and refurbished to adapt the new premises to AU IT’s needs. The process of defining AU IT’s needs and wishes for their new premises will take place in close dialogue with the unit’s employees.

“It’s important to involve the employees in the coming development process. It’s their everyday life, and they are best able to identify needs and define wishes for their office environment and work stations. That’s why we’ll set up a relocation committee with representatives from all of our teams and our OHS reps,” Bruun Nielsen said.

Regular updates on the process will be provided. Follow the process and read more on AU IT’s new website about the relocation.

Facts about the move

  • The Katrinebjerg area of campus will become the main hub for engineering and computer science programmes, which are expected to expand. This means that AU IT will be relocated to the University City.
  • In 2022, AU IT will vacate its current premises in building 5120-5125 on Helsingforsgade in Katrinebjerg.
  • AU IT will move into building 1872 on the north side of the University City.
  • The premises will be renovated and refurbished before the move.
  • AU IT will share the building with the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, which will also move in 2022.

Additional information

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact deputy director for AU IT, Peter Bruun Nielsen at peter.bruun@au.dk 

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