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Get more out of your SDD

In the autumn, all employees and managers will meet for staff development dialogues (SDDs) at AU. The SDD is your opportunity to discuss your tasks, results, well-being and competency development with your manager.

2020.09.15 | Signe Schou

Why is the SDD important?

The SDD is important because it gives you time to engage your manager in dialogue in a different way. It’s your opportunity for a more in-depth conversation about your goals, tasks, results and well-being –and not least your career and competency development.

In this way, the SDD helps ensure that you have the necessary competencies to perform your current and future work tasks. At the same time, you and your manager can ensure that your competency development is in harmony with the needs of your unit and the university.

Additional information

Administrative, Technical / administrative staff, All AU units, AU HR, Academic staff, PhD students