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We must exploit the immune system's own impact in future treatment

Imagine a scenario in which we utilise the immune system's impact to maximise the effect of medical treatments. This is the goal of the research being done by Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen. He is newly-appointed professor of infection and immunology at Aarhus University.

2021.08.26 | Lene Halgaard

The new professor’s research into the immune system benefits cancer patients and patients with viral infections such as SARS. Photo: Simon Byrial Fischel, AU Health.

The functionality of our innate immune system is essential for how we fight diseases. This part of the immune system helps to coordinate the early and important functions in our cells and bodies during an infection. This is according to new professor Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen from the Department of Biomedicine.

He conducts research into how the innate immune system is affected by the development of diseases, from cancer to viral infections such as SARS and HIV. He uses the knowledge gained from his research to develop innovative medical solutions that utilise the immune system's impact to improve existing forms of treatment.

In an ongoing project, Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen studies how components in the innate immune system affect the development of cancer. He also tests new ways in which the innate immune system can be activated and thereby inhibit the cancer from developing.

His research also spans topics aiming to provide insight into how different immune cells help control viral infections and related inflammatory conditions, such as those seen in Covid-19 patients.

By improving knowledge in this area, it will hopefully be possible to develop new medicines for the treatment of everything from serious viral infections to autoimmune diseases and cancer.


Professor & PhD Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen
Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine
Mobile: (+45) 2615 3369
Email: mrj@biomed.au.dk

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