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Important changes to the Forum for Education at Health

The Forum for Education at Health is changing its terms of reference to create better coherence between management and education. This means new participants in the forum and more clearly defined tasks.

2018.03.08 | Lise Wendel Eriksen

Vice-dean Charlotte Ringsted is chair of the Health Forum for Education, which now has a new composition. Photo: Lars Kruse.

Health's Forum for Education, also abbreviated as HUF, acts as the faculty's coordinating and advisory body between the strategic and operational level in the educational area. The forum is the central link between the faculty management team and AU's Degree Programme Committee (UFU) on one side, and the directors of studies and boards of studies as well as the departments' management teams and committees on education on the other.

One of HUF's tasks is to ensure that the university's and the faculty's strategic priorities and decisions are carried out on the educational level. HUF's role is therefore to devise tactics for implementation. Conversely, HUF also has the task of passing on knowledge, consultancy and specific experiences from the degree programmes to the top decision-makers.

HUF contributes towards coordinating initiatives across the degree programmes and to identifying topics within the educational sphere that require joint discussion.

New composition of HUF

HUF is altering the composition of members in the forum, precisely to ensure greater coherence in the educational area across the degree programmes and between all layers of management. The directors of studies will remain in HUF, but in future the departments’ deputy heads of education will also be part of the forum. The degree programme directors – who have thus far participated in HUF meetings as observers – will in future be invited to expanded twice-yearly theme meetings together with the deputy chairs of the boards of studies, who are students.

The composition of Health's Forum for Education:

  • Vice-dean for Education (chair): Charlotte Ringsted
  • Head of the pre-graduate section of CESU: Liza Strandgaard
  • Head of studies administration for the degree programmes: Anna Bak Maigaard
  • Vice-dean’s adviser (secretary): Hanne Johansen

Deputy department head for education or another representative from the department management team:

  • Niels T. Andersen, Public Health
  • Kristjar Skajaa (temporary), Clinical Medicine
  • Helle Prætorius, Biomedicine
  • Carloline Hørsted, Dentistry and Oral Health (IOOS)
  • Lene Warner Thorup Boel, Forensic Medicine 

Directors of studies at Health:

  • Mette Vinther Skriver, Public Health
  • Eva Karring, IOOS
  • Per Höllsberg, Biomedicine
  • Kristian Raun Thomsen, Public Health
  • Kirsten Bedholm, Public Health
  • Lene Meilstrup Martinussen, IOOS

Healths Uddannelsesforums nye kommissorium kan læses på fakultetets hjemmeside.


Vice-dean for Education Charlotte Ringsted
Aarhus University, Health
Email: charlotte.ringsted@au.dk
Mobile: (+45) 9350 8222

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