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Professor Hans Stødkilde-Jørgensen is in charge of a research project aiming to prevent life style diseases.

2013.12.20 | Grants and awards, All groups, Department of Clinical Medicine

Super scanner will show what fat and sugar do to the body during diseases

Professor Hans Stødkilde-Jørgensen from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital will receive DKK 17 million towards a new scanning technique. The technique will show what meat, fat and soft drinks mean for the development of lifestyle diseases. At the same time, the results can be used by the food industry to produce more healthy…

2013.12.19 | Research, Technical / administrative staff, All AU units


Food enough for all?

How will we feed nine billion people in 2050 without destroying the environment? New technologies and new patterns of consumption are some of the answers.

2013.12.12 | People news, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Danish Cancer Society

Professor, DMSc, PhD Henrik Toft Sørensen from Department of Clinical Epidemiology has been elected member of the scientific committee of the Danish Cancer Society. Members of the scientific committee are elected by the executive committee of the Danish Cancer Society. The main task of the scientific committee is to distribute funding for research…

[Translate to English:] Forsøg viser, at osteopontin fra mælk kan binde til visse inflammatoriske stoffer, der forekommer i leveren ved alkoholskader, og på den måde kan osteopontin måske hæmme inflammationen og forhindre leverskader (Foto: Colourbox)
Danske forskere har i samarbejde med forskningsgrupper fra Japan og USA vist, at mælkeproteinet osteopontin kan bremse udviklingen af leverskader forårsaget af alkoholmisbrug. Fra venstre: Esben Skipper Sørensen og Brian Christensen fra Institut for Molekylærbiologi og Genetik ved Aarhus Universitet. (Foto: Lisbeth Heilesen)

2013.12.12 | Research, All groups, All AU units

Avoid liver injury and drink milk with your Christmas schnapps

Collaboration between Danish, Japanese and American researchers has shown that the milk protein osteopontin can slow down the development of liver injury caused by alcohol abuse.

Maiken Cavling Arendrup, Honorary Professor in fungal infections at Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine and Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Infectious Diseases Q.

2013.12.19 | People news, All groups, Department of Clinical Medicine

Expert in fungus comes to Aarhus

Maiken Cavling Arendrup has taken up the position of honorary professor in fungal infections at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. Her position will strengthen collaboration with the researchers in Aarhus who work in this area.

2013.12.18 | Research, All groups, All AU units

DNA technology can help ensure food security

For the past five years new genetic technology has created a revolution in Danish agriculture. Productivity has increased, cows have become healthier, and the technology can be spread to help produce more climate-friendly food for the world’s increasing population, according to a scientist from Aarhus University.

If consumers are to reduce the impact of food consumption on the environment, the most important thing is to eat less meat – especially beef. Photo Jesper Rais

2013.12.19 | Research, All groups, All AU units

We should eat less beef

If there is to be enough food for everyone to eat in the future, we should start looking at our own eating habits. Our enormous consumption of meat – particularly beef – is a strain on the environment and is putting pressure on the world’s food resources. However, it is not easy to get people to stop buying so many hamburgers and so much red meat.…

Food production worldwide is challenged by rising consumption, stagnating yields in the fields and inefficient production methods. But there are several options available for securing production. This can be done by a strong reliance on biomass and by using lowland pastures for livestock fodder.

2013.12.18 | Research, All groups, All AU units

Sustainable food production under pressure on several fronts

Increasing pressure on existing agricultural land requires more intelligent production systems and solutions in order to maintain food production in a sustainable manner.

Revised guidelines on who can carry out teaching and examinations at Health will help to alleviate the challenges faced by the departments to find enough examiners. Photo: AU Communication.

2013.12.19 | Administrative, PhD students, Health

More members of academic staff may now be examiners

The number of examiners at Health is being expanded. This is being done in order to meet the departments’ need for additional skilled members of academic staff to examine the students.

2013.12.06 | Seminar, All groups, All AU units

Global Footprints, Local Contexts "Translations: Opening or Closing the World in World Literature?"

How can translation be reconsidered as a fundamental and necessary cultural and literary activity shaping cultures and literatures across cultural borders? How can translations contribute to an understanding of world literature?

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