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2017.02.17 | Research, Public/Media, External target group

The little auk - a major engineer

New research, carried out by a team of researchers from Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University, shows that a very small bird, the little auk (søkonge), has a very large effect on both freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems in the remote Arctic region.

2017.02.16 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine

PhD defence: Toke Jost Isaksen

Insights into the neurological disorders caused by disease mutations in the sodium potassium pump using mouse models

2017.02.16 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine


Identification and understanding properties and consequences of Mac-1 – ligand binding

2017.02.16 | PhD defense, PhD students, Department of Biomedicine


The zinc transporter ZIP14 is affected in metabolic disease and plays a role in glucose metabolism

Photo: Maria Randima, AU.

2017.02.22 | Events, Academic staff, All AU units

Registration for DHL Relay Race 2017 is now open

Again this year, AU will be participating in the DHL Relay Race and registration is now open. The registration deadline is 5 May 2017.

"We intend to investigate patterns of connectivity and activity in the brain and whether these neural patterns can predict who will experience relapse, and who can be helped most by MBCT. In addition, we will test what happens in the brain when individuals at risk become dysphoric, and when they practice mindfulness exercises from the MBCT programme," says Anne Maj van der Velden. (Photo of model: Colourboks)

2017.02.13 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

Mindfulness can prevent depression – but how?

Numerous scientific publications have documented that Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is an effective treatment for the prevention of recurrent depression. Now a PhD project from the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University is embarking on a study of how and why.

2017.02.20 | Grants and awards, Degree programmes, AU Research Support and External Relations


The Aarhus University Research Foundation now offers microfunding grants for 2017. In total, DKK 200,000 will be available in microfunding. Each grant is in the amount of DKK 25,000.

2017.02.13 | Public/Media, External target group, Arts

Lesung: Katrin Behr

Autorin von `Entrissen´

2017.02.10 | Conference, People and cultures, Academic staff

Dig Data 2017: Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA)

CAA is an international organisation bringing together archaeologists, mathematicians and computer scientists. Its aims are to encourage communication between these disciplines, to provide a survey of present work in the field and to stimulate discussion and future progress

Even though women with health anxiety consistently rate their children as having significantly more symptoms of illness and also think that their children are more sensitive, this study does not contain anything to suggest that the children also 'inherit' this.

2017.02.10 | Research, Health and disease, Technical / administrative staff

Mothers with health anxiety: you’re ill too, my child!

A PhD project from Aarhus University shows that mothers with health anxiety are significantly more concerned about their children's health than healthy mothers and mothers with rheumatoid arthritis. It would be an advantage to include this health anxiety by proxy in the treatment of parents suffering from health anxiety, according to MD and PhD…

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