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PhD student Kirstine Petrea Bak-Fredslund

2018.08.13 | PhD defense, Health and disease, PhD students

PhD defence: Kirstine Petrea Bak-Fredslund

2-[ 18F]-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-galactose PET/CT in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma – methodological aspects and clinical impact

2018.08.13 | PhD defense, Health and disease, PhD students

PhD defence: Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez

Hospital choice in times of restructuring the hospital sector

2018.08.13 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Public/Media

PhD defence: Sheyanth Mohanakumar

Human Lymphatics: The 3 I’s - Identify, Investigate and Influence

2018.08.08 | Research, Public/Media, External target group

Smart sow feeding leads to better piglet survival

Researchers from Aarhus University are collaborating with the industry on developing new feeding strategies and feed products that can improve piglet survival markedly.

The seven employees in the photo above will comprise the Department of Public Health's senior management for the next three years. Photo: AU.

2018.08.09 | Administrative, Academic staff, Health

Department of Public Health is reorganising

Department Head Ole Bækgaard has initiated a reorganisation of the Department of Public Health. The goal is to establish a fast, dynamic and competent management and to support strong professional communities within both research and education. The method includes e.g. a new and smaller department management team and fewer sections.

Simon Glerup is one of the three founders of Draupnir Bio and CEO of the company in addition to his associate professor position at the Department of Biomedicine.

2018.08.09 | Research, Health and disease, Public/Media

Biomedicine researchers convert basic research into pills

Three researchers from the Department of Biomedicine have founded their own company and set out to develop a new type of cholesterol-lowering medicine. With their knowledge of biochemistry, they could see that there was something the pharmaceutical industry had overlooked, and this opened for exciting opportunities.

Christian Vægter, Department of Biomedicine, has received DKK 2.6 million from the Independent Research Fund Denmark towards his research on diabetic neuropathy. Photo: Private

2018.08.08 | Grants and awards, Research, Academic staff

Diabetes research in Aarhus receives million-kroner grant

Associate Professor Christian Vægter from Aarhus University has received DKK 2.6 million from the Independent Research Fund Denmark towards a research project on serious complications in diabetic patients.

New Clinical Professor Per Borghammer conducts research into Parkinson's disease and its origin with a view to being able to curb the development of the disease. Photo: AU/AUH.

2018.08.09 | People news, Research, Public/Media

New Aarhus professor is an expert in Parkinson's disease

Consultant and DMSc Per Borghammer from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital is new clinical professor in nuclear medicine and neuroscience.

2018.08.06 | Conference, History and achaeology, Academic staff

The Archaeometallurgical Perspective of Bronze Age Scandinavia

This international workshop, financed by the Independent Research Fund Sapere Aude programme, shall unite the research done around Scandinavian metal trade and aims to present a united picture for the trajectory of the metal trade over the course of the entire Bronze Age.

Ebbe Briggs Bødtkjer from the Department of Biomedicine conducts research into cellular adjustment mechanisms. He has just defended his higher doctoral dissertation. Photo: Walter F. Boron

2018.08.06 | People news, Research, Public/Media

Aarhus University has a new Doctor of Medical Science of medical physiology

On 3 August 2018, medical doctor and PhD Ebbe Briggs Bødtkjer from Aarhus University defended his higher doctoral dissertation on how cells handle and adapt to local accumulation of waste products in cancerous tumours and in tissue affected by blood clots.

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