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2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Information meeting and workshop on new national roadmap for research infrastructure

A new national roadmap for research infrastructure is to be developed for the period 2020-2023. At AU, the process will be initiated on Tuesday 29 October. On this day, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education will hold an information meeting, which will be followed by a number of workshops organised by AU with a focus on the…

2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Invitation to seminar for scientists and caretakers/technicians at the animal facilities at Health

Click here for more information. Registration for the seminar no later than october 21st to Sidsel Lindberg Tefre: slte@clin.au.dk

2019.10.17 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Dandrite

PhD student Josephine Dannersø Nissen will do her Qualifying exam on Wednesday the 30th of October

Her PhD-defense will be in two parts: Part 1: Structural studies of the plasma membrane calcium ATPase, ACA8. Part 2: Investigating the ultrastructure of the axon initial segment by cryo-electron tomography.

2019.10.17 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Dandrite

How the communication of brain regions shapes behavior

During her PhD time, Nathalie Krauth aimed to understand how different brain regions communicate with each other. The title of her PhD thesis is: Identifying Signaling Inputs: A Retrograde Activity-Dependent Tracing Approach.

2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Talk by Prof. Jan Gründemann

Jan Gründemann is a professor at the university of Basel, Switzerland. He investigates the computational frameworks of multisensory integration in deep brain areas and their effects on behaviour and learning. In this line, he uses opto- and pharmacogenetics, deep brain imaging with single and two-photon techniquesneuronal computation.

2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Collaboration Planning – how to identify and contact important stakeholders

How do you establish collaborations and approach companies with your research ideas? Turn your research into impact and learn how to build relationships and plan projects in this hands-on workshop.

2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Internal Meeting 7 November 2019

DANDRITE Internal Meetings takes place every second Thursday from 9-10 am, where all staff and students at DANDRITE meet to give each other updates on the research done at DANDRITE in order to facilitate interaction and collaborations among the groups.

2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Cultural Awareness - Living and working in Denmark Workshop #1 Day 2

Would you like to learn more about Danish culture and why Danes do the things they do? Our cultural awareness workshops are designed to give you insights into Danish culture, as well as into your own beliefs and stereotypes. There are 2 identical workshops to choose from. Deadline for workshop #1 is the 17th of October. See more by clicking this…

2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Brainnovation day

The aim of the 5th Brainnovation day on “Nanomedicine” is to significantly increase dialogue and collaboration between the industry and AU (i.e. iNANO and the Departments of Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering etc.).

2019.10.17 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Le Tour de Skou!

A DANDRITE organising committee representing the Nykjær, Takeuchi & Denham groups wish to invite you to le Tour de Skou

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