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2020.08.19 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Health

PhD defence: Janne Tidselbak Larsen

Genetic and early life environmental risk factors for eating disorders.

Torben Sigsgaard from the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, is behind the study based on more than 800.000 Danish children.

2020.08.20 | Research, Public/Media, Department of Public Health

Air pollution: Young children are particularly at risk of developing asthma

Fine particles such as road dust and exhaust fumes may contribute to children developing asthma and suffering from breathing difficulties. This is shown by a new large-scale study from Aarhus University.

Vice-dean Lise Wogensen Bach says that preparations for the coming commencement of studies will literally continue right up until the deadline as the corona situation is changing almost hourly. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2020.08.20 | Education, Technical / administrative staff, Health

Vice-dean: The E2020 semester start will be out of the ordinary

The commencement of studies for the autumn semester 2020 has already led to grey hair among Health's studies administration, the reorganisation committee, board of studies and teaching staff even before it has really begun. The development of the coronavirus in Aarhus has made preparations difficult, but Vice-dean for Education Lise Wogensen Bach…

Associate professor Anne Landau, Department of Clinical Medicine, receives DKK 2,8 million from The Independent Research Fund Denmark for a study on Parkinson's disease and deep brain stimulation. Photo: Michael Winterdahl

2020.08.20 | Grants and awards, Health and disease, Public/Media

Minipigs can help us learn about treating Parkinson’s disease

Associate Professor Anne Landau from Aarhus University is investigating why deep brain stimulation is an effective treatment of Parkinson's disease. The Independent Research Fund Denmark has given a grant of over DKK 2,8 million to the project, which involves minipigs, a new radioactive imaging ligand and advanced scanning techniques.

2020.08.19 | Event, Public/Media, Dandrite

Virtual DANDRITE Lecture by Prof. Anthony Zador

Prof. Anthony Zador from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York will give a virtual DANDRITE lecture titled: "From Connectome to computation".

Meteusz Dyla and Magnus Kjærgaard

2020.08.19 | Research, Public/Media, Dandrite

Move over Michaelis-Menten!

Mateusz Dyla and Magnus Kjærgaard challenge one of the cornerstones of biochemistry, the Michaelis-Menten equation. Their research has resulted in a new publication in PNAS: "Intrinsically disordered linkers control tethered kinases via effective concentration".

2020.08.27 | Public/Media, Department of Clinical Medicine, Health

One step closer to earlier diagnosis of bipolar disorder and psychoses

In a new study from the Danish psychiatry project iPSYCH, researchers have identified genetic risk factors for developing bipolar disorder and psychoses among people with depression. In the longer term, the results may contribute to ensuring the correct diagnosis is made earlier, so that the patients can receive the correct treatment as quickly as…

2020.08.18 | PhD defense, Public/Media, External target group

PhD defence: Simon Bang Kristensen

Statistical methods for metacognitive experiments.

2020.08.18 | Course, PhD students, Dandrite

Working Cross-Culturally at Aarhus University

This workshop focuses on cross-cultural collaboration within the Aarhus University context. Danish AU staff members are encouraged to attend together with AU International staff members.

2020.08.18 | Course, Academic staff, Dandrite

Cultural Awareness 'Deep Dive' 1 + 1 Workshop

Two-part workshop on 8. October and 28. October 2020. International Academic Staff services offers workshops designed to give you insights into Danish culture, as well as into your own beliefs and stereotypes about culture in general.

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