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2020.08.18 | Course, Academic staff, Dandrite

Cultural Awareness 'Deep Dive' 1 + 1 Workshop

Two-part workshop on 8. October and 28. October 2020. International Academic Staff services offers workshops designed to give you insights into Danish culture, as well as into your own beliefs and stereotypes about culture in general.

The action plans for 2020 were approved at a meeting of the senior management team in late June, and implementation will now begin. Photo: Melissa Bach Yildirim

2020.08.18 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Climate strategy: AU to launch 44 green initiatives

On the background of its climate strategy, AU is launching 44 concrete activities that will contribute to making the university more climate-friendly.

2020.08.18 | Course, PhD students, Dandrite

Danish Living Crash Course Workshop

This workshop is facilitated by the Living Institute Copenhagen. The format is a 3-hour ‘crash’ session that investigates the history of Danish cultural norms, as well as discussing different cultural norms within culturally diverse contexts.

2020.08.18 | PhD defense, PhD students, External target group

Virtual PhD defence: Sebastian Breddam Mosegaard

Prognostic factors in hand surgery.

2020.08.18 | Research, PhD students, Dandrite

New publication in Brain Pathology by Lasse Reimer

The article: "PKR kinase directly regulates tau expression and Alzheimer's disease‐related tau phosphorylation" was made in collaboration between Jensen Group and researchers from our Nordic EMBL partners in The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) in Umeå.

Andreas Nielsen Hald from the Department of Public Health receives a grant from the Danish Health Foundation towards his PhD project. Photo: Private photo.

2020.08.19 | Grants and awards, Research, Public/Media

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a must in the healthcare system

PhD student Andreas Nielsen Hald from the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University receives a grant of DKK 450,000 from the Danish Health Foundation to examine conditions for cross-disciplinary collaboration in the municipal healthcare system.

2020.08.17 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Health

Virtual PhD defence: Majken Borup Thomsen

Imaging synaptic dysfunction in naive animals and in models of Parkinsin's disease.

2020.08.17 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Health

PhD defence: Anne Raabjerg Kruse

Fast-track Discharge after Elective Cesarean Section.

2020.08.17 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Health

PhD defence: Sara Koed Badre-Esfahani

Non-attendance in Danish cervical cancer prevention programme.

As a result of the recent increases in the rate of COVID-19 infection in Aarhus and Denmark, the authorities have introduced more restrictive guidelines for holding events – especially in Aarhus. This means that the university is forced to cancel the annual celebration and Denmark's biggest Friday bar and sports day. Photo from the 2019 annual celebration: Ida Jensen On Friday

2020.08.17 | Administrative, All groups, All AU units

The annual celebration and denmark's biggest friday bar and sports day have been cancelled

The university has to cancel the traditional annual celebration and Denmark's biggest Friday bar and sports day. An unfortunate but necessary consequence of the situation, says Rector Brian Bech Nielsen.

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