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AU’s new central teaching development centre, which opens its doors on 1 October, will strengthen university pedagogics research and practice. Archival photo: Lars Kruse

2020.10.02 | Research, All groups, All AU units


AU’s new central teaching development centre is open for business. The centre will continue to prioritise close collaboration with teaching staff at the university – including during the merger process over the next few months.

2020.09.29 | Grants and awards, Technical / administrative staff, Department of Biomedicine

Grant paves the way for better treatment of psoriasis

With a grant of almost DKK 2.5 million from the Leo Foundation, Associate Professor Lasse Sommer Kristensen from Aarhus University and his research colleagues are now able to kickstart research that may contribute to better treatment of patients suffering from the chronic skin and arthritic disease psoriasis.

2020.09.29 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

The settlement system shows the way for joint solutions across faculties

Assessors in other countries get their expenses refunded more quickly. A new settlement system at the graduate schools at Health, NAT and TECH has reduced the processing time from two months to five working days. This is a good example of how cross-faculty systems can improve service – and there is positive feedback from the assessors.

2020.09.28 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Graduate School of Health

Virtual PhD defence: Mai-Britt Hägi-Pedersen

A multicenter randomized early in-home care intervention study comparing video and inhospital consultations for parents of premature infants and two qualitative perspectives on the intervention

2020.09.28 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Graduate School of Health

Virtual PhD defence: Andreas Braae Holmgaard

Fighting Retinal Diseases with RNA interference and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing

Left: the structure of a cortical GABAergic neuron, middle: potentiation of an inhibitory GABAergic synaptic current, right: three “blue” inhibitory GABAergic eurons as part of a memory engram.

2020.09.28 | Research, Public/Media, Dandrite

New publication from Marco Capogna in European Journal of Neuroscience

The article, written by Prof. Marco Capogna in collaboration with two well-known experts from New York, is entitled: "The ins and outs of inhibitory synaptic plasticity: neuron types, molecular mechanisms and functional roles".

Professor Trine Mogensen from is a co-author of a Science study, which shows that some patients with severe COVID-19 have a congenital immune defect, so their immune system does not work optimally. Photo: Jann Thiele Zeiss.

2020.09.30 | Research, Health and disease, Public/Media

New genetic knowledge on the causes of severe COVID-19

A proportion of the most severe COVID-19 cases can be explained by genetic defects in the patients’ immune system. Professor Trine Mogensen from Aarhus University is participating in an international research consortium as the only Danish researcher, and thereby helping to generate new knowledge which may in the future lead to early and improved…

2020.09.24 | Conference, Religion and theology, Academic staff

LUMEN 2021: Reformation and everyday life

The aim of this conference is to discuss how lived religion and everyday life and space were formed in the aftermath of the reformation, and how we can trace changes in material culture, in emotions, in social structures, in culture, which may be linked to the reformation and the development of confessional cultures.

The DCE team at the viewing party
Statistician and PhD student Sia Nicolaisen presenting her poster
PhD student Elena Dudukina won 2nd best student abstract

2020.09.24 | Events, Research year student, Dept Clin Epi

DCE at ICPE All Access

The International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE) is a highlight of the year for many of our staff. This year, the conference was moved online due to COVID-19. The Society hosted a 2-day virtual event called ICPE All Access with live sessions and presentations on demand.

2020.09.24 | People news, Public/Media, Dandrite

Joseph Lyons is part of multi-disciplinary team, which is among grantees of the ASAP collaborative program funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research

The team brings together investigators across multiple disciplines, institutions, career stages, and geographies seeking to tackle key knowledge gaps in the basic mechanisms that contribute to Parkinson’s disease development and progression. The collaborative project aims to unravel the biology of polyamine and glucosylceramide transport systems…

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