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PhD Student Nanna Møller Jensen

2021.04.23 | Collaboration, Public/Media, Dandrite

The Jensen Group participate in an Innobooster project with biotech Orfazyme to study mechanisms in Parkinsons disease

In a recently established InnoBooster collaboration, PhD student Nanna Møller Jensen from Poul Henning Jensen’s group is collaborating with the Copenhagen-based biotech company, Orphazyme, in a quest for the development of novel therapies against Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Emma Louth prepares cortical tissue from a neurosurgical patient before quick transport from AUH to AU lab.

2021.04.23 | Research, PhD students, Dandrite

New publication from the Capogna group from AU and the Sørensen group at AUH

Collaboration between the Capogna group from AU and the Sørensen group at AUH leads to a discovery on the cellular mechanism of action of dopamine in the human cerebral cortex.

2021.04.23 | Event, PhD students, Health

Virtual DANDRITE Lecture by Alan Jung Park

Alan Jung Park, Postdoctoral Fellow in Gogos Lab at the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute at Columbia University in New York, will give a virtual DANDRITE lecture titled: "Brain Circuit Reset: Principle of Cognitive Enhancement in Health and Disease." The lecture will take place online via Zoom.

2021.04.23 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Health

PhD Defence: Camilla Biering Lundquist

Prediction of upper limb function and daily use after stroke

Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen does not allow unconscious gender bias to go unnoticed. She insists that everyone should be treated equally and that an ambitious research career and a well-functioning family life is not a case of either/or. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo. Graphics: Health Communication.

2021.04.22 | Policy and strategy, PhD students, Department of Public Health

Following your dream comes at a price

Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen is one of Health's 54 female professors. She is an epidemiologist, loves the competitive environment of the research world and is a keen advocate of gender equality. Because everyone with talent and ambition must have equal opportunities to reach the summit of academia – regardless of gender.

2021.04.22 | Research, Public/Media, Dandrite

New publication from Poul Henning Jensen's Group

The paper is published in Brain and entitled "Ageing promotes pathological alpha-synuclein propagation and autonomic dysfunction in wild-type rats". Read the paper here.

"It’s interesting that the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a renewed focus on mononucleosis infection because the Covid-19 infection appears able to cause similar symptoms with long-term fatigue and an increased risk of subsequent psychiatric diagnoses. The causes behind this are something we ought need to study in more detail in order to gain knowledge about similarities and differences in relation to long-term Covid-symptoms, which could possibly be used in preventative measures," explains Michael Eriksen Benrós.

2021.05.03 | Research, Public/Media, iPSYCH

Glandular fever increases the risk of depression

New research shows that patients who have had contact with the hospital due to serious glandular disease have a greater risk of subsequently developing depression. The study from iPSYCH is the largest yet to show a correlation between glandular fever and depression.

A new pool of DKK 420,000 is made available to students from Health. The funds are intended to strengthen student associations and the study environment at the faculty. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

2021.04.22 | Education, Administration (Academic), Academic staff

Student life at Health gets a financial boost

The pandemic has effectively put a stop to many aspects of student life as we know it, and well-being is an area in which the students are hit particularly hard. Therefore, the faculty has made a pool of DKK 420,000 available to students, with the aim of helping to kick-start activities in the student associations and the social study environment.

2021.04.22 | Event, Academic staff, Danemo

Event for senior scientists

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2021.04.22 | Seminar, Research, Public/Media

Infection & Inflammation Seminar

Anne M. Troldborg, PhD, Department of Biomedicine: “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, clinical aspects, pathogenesis and new approaches to treatment”

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