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2021.04.21 | Event, PhD students, Health

Doctoral defence: Camilla Nyboe

Morbidity and Mortality in Adults with Atrial Septal Defects

2021.04.21 | Event, PhD students, Health

Doctoral defence: Signe Holm Larsen

Treatment of congenital heart disease – From neonates with a fatal illness to adults with long-term issues

”Up to fifty percent of relatives of people with mental illness risk becoming ill themselves. That's why it's important that we also keep them and their well-being in mind,” says Nanja Holland Hansen.

2021.04.07 | Research, PhD students, Health

Training in compassion improves the well-being of relatives to people with mental illness

If relatives of people with mental illness become better at accepting the difficult emotions and life events they experience – which is what training in compassion is about – their anxiety, depression and stress is reduced. These are the results of a new study from the Danish Center for Mindfulness at Aarhus University.

Susan Mikkelsen from the Department of Clinical Medicine is grateful for the blood donors' contribution - without them, no research project. Photo: AU Photo.
Torben Sigsgaard from the Department of Public Health points out that the Danish curve for hay fever and asthma does not seem to flatten out, but that more new knowledge can be gleaned from the data collected. Photo: Greg McQueen Photography.

2021.04.08 | Research, Health and disease, Public/Media

Bless You: Hay fever and asthma affect more people – and earlier

Over half a century, the proportion of Danes with hay fever and asthma has tripled, and the symptoms of asthma occur earlier in life, according to new research from Aarhus University and the Blood Bank at Aarhus University Hospital.

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