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CHealth is now starting to use a new set of standards for responsible conduct of research.

2015.04.10 | Research, Health and disease, Health

Standards will ensure credible health research

New standards will help researchers to conduct responsible research that maintains scientific integrity from start to finish. The standards are intended as a supplement to the new joint guidelines for responsible conduct of research at AU.

2015.04.07 | Collaboration, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

Collaborator meeting in Finland

As part of a collaboration between the US and the Nordic countries, researchers recently met in Helsinki, Finland to discuss existing and future projects. The projects are based on health registries in the Nordic countries. Pooling of data from these countries makes it possible to study the incidence of rare diseases and conditions. Some of the…

Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen, director of studies at health sciences
Per Höllsberg, director of studies at medicine
Kristian Raun Thomsen, director of studies at sport science

2015.04.09 | Department of Public Health, Education, Academic staff

New directors of studies at Health have been appointed

Per Höllsberg, Kristian Raun Thomsen and Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen have been appointed as the new directors of studies at medicine, sport science and health sciences, respectively

2015.04.16 | People news, Public/Media, Department of Public Health

New professor with special responsibilities (MSO) in health economics at AU

Rikke Søgaard has been appointed professor with special responsibilities (MSO) in health economics at Aarhus University. The professorship is a part of AU’s efforts to develop a strong research environment in the field of health economics in Aarhus.

Per Kallestrup from Aarhus University has received the Vasco da Gama “Being Young Staying Young” award.

2015.04.16 | People news, Health and disease, Academic staff

International award to researcher from Aarhus

Per Kallestrup from Aarhus University has received the Vasco da Gama “Being Young Staying Young” award. The award is being presented for the first time and Per Kallestrup receives the award for his deep-rooted commitment to the Vasco da Gama Movement and for having developed the Hippokrates exchange programme.

Neuroscience Day 2015

2015.04.07 | Conference, Health and disease, Academic staff

Neuroscience Day 2015

Confirmed speakers: Jan Egebjerg, Vice President Neurodegeneration and Biologics at Lundbeck; Preben Bo Mortensen, Professor at iPSYCH; Jørgen Kjems, Director of iNANO; Nicola Pavese, Associate Professor at CFIN; Associate Professor Jakob Udby Blicher, Hammel Neurocenter.

Ph.d-forsvar: Adjmal Nahimi

2015.04.07 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Academic staff

PHD-defence: Adjmal Nahimi

Noradrenergic and Serotonergic Neurotransmission in Parkinson’s Disease and L-DOPA-Induced Dyskinesia

At present, doctors do not have a biomarker for aggressive malignant melanomas. The megalin protein could be the answer they are looking for.

2015.04.15 | Research, Research, Academic staff

Protein finding can pave the way for improved treatment of malignant melanoma

Researchers from Aarhus University have for the first time linked a new protein with malignant melanomas. The protein is detected in aggressive malignant melanoma cells and might be used to predict whether and how the cancer will spread. At the same time, the discovery also opens new doors for future improved treatment of patients with melanomas.

2015.04.06 | Research, All groups, Runsafe

RUNClever Launched

After in-depth preparations, the RUNCLEVER trial was launched in the beginning of April 2015. We encourage all recreational runners interested in running and science to sign up for this project.

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2015.04.01 | Research, All groups, Runsafe

New Article Published in IJSPT

In the April issue in International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, Camma Damsted, Rasmus Nielsen and Lars Henrik Larsen contribute with a publication regarding 2D video analyses

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