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Annemette Bondo Lind

2015.09.28 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Public Health

PhD defense: Annemette Bondo Lind

A qualitative study of stress experience and coping strategies. Explored among people with somatoform disorders in life history and everyday life before and after an intervention with mindfulness therapy.

Mohamed Metwally

2015.09.28 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defense: Mohamed Metwally

Nimorazol som hypoxiske radiosensensitizer ved strålebehandling af hoved-hals kræft.

2015.09.28 | Events, Public/Media, External target group

Cold atoms won ForskerFight researcher battle

Can you compare atoms to bowling balls? PhD student Nils Byg Jørgensen did - and won the researcher battle.

2015.10.21 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

Deans: Research funds are paying for the dentistry degree programme

DEBATE: A lack of funding and a lack of ministerial understanding of the high costs of the degree programmes is forcing AU and KU to use research grants on training new dentists, write the two deans Allan Flyvbjerg and Ulla Wewer.

2015.09.24 | Events, Students, All AU units

Take part in the Falling Walls Lab event at Aarhus University

Experience 10 PhD students compete against each other in presenting their research in just three minutes at the Falling Walls Lab at Aarhus University on 6 October 2015.

2015.09.24 | Nature and technology, Research year student, Science and Technology

DNC/NeuroCampus Aarhus seminar: Professor Ole Jensen

Professor Ole Jensen, Donders Inst, Nijmegen is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled: "On the functional role of human alpha oscillations: routing and prioritizing information processing"

2015.09.24 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

Fewer patients die at fully accredited hospitals

For the first time, researchers from Aarhus University, Aarhus University Hospital and the Region of Southern Denmark can now demonstrate an association between level of hospital accreditation and the mortality rate among patients.

2015.09.25 | Administrative, Academic staff, All AU units

Focus on cheating at exams

Aarhus University has revised its rules concerning cheating at exams.

2015.09.24 | Nature and technology, PhD students, Science and Technology

The brain and ping pong

Join the event in Klubben at BSS on Friday this week 16 o'clock where you can see neuro-scientific videos about recent research regarding the brain and ping pong.

2015.09.24 | Administrative, All groups, All AU units

Successful Digital Exam pilot project

The new AU-wide platform for digital exams has been tested and evaluated.

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