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As a new Jens Christian Skou Fellow at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), Jens Leipziger will carry out research into the Cystic Fibrosis Urine Test. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.

2019.10.01 | People news, Health and disease, Academic staff

Health professor receives the Jens Christian Skou Fellowship

Jens Leipziger from the Department of Biomedicine is a new Jens Christian Skou Fellow at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS).

2019.09.26 | Symposium, Health and disease, Technical / administrative staff

AU Honorary Skou Professor Mini-Symposium

Wednesday the 9th of October at 09.00 Cecilia Lundberg conducts a Mini-Symposium with the focus “Developing next generation inducible GDNF gene therapy”.

Karl Anker Jørgensen was born in 1955, and since 1993 he has been a professor of chemistry at Aarhus University. In addition to a brilliant research career, he was previously an athlete, and in the 1970s he won several Danish championships, including in the decathlon. Karl Anker Jørgensen has published 440 articles in international journals, and his articles have been quoted approx. 37,000 times. Photo: Lars Kruse

2019.09.27 | Grants and awards, Public/Media, External target group


For the first time in 30 years, a gold H.C. Ørsted Medal has been awarded. The recipient is Karl Anker Jørgensen, chemistry professor from Aarhus University. He has been awarded the medal for his internationally ground-breaking research in the field of catalytic chemistry and his exceptional ability to communicate scientific results to a broader…

2019.09.30 | Education, All groups, All AU units

The Royal Danish Library online system will be temporarily unavailable

On 19 November 2019, the Royal Danish Library’s will launch a new IT system for users. Some online library services will be unavailable in the period leading up to the launch while the new system is implemented.

2019.09.25 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Public/Media

PhD defence: Ole Köhler-Forsberg

The effect of anti-inflammatory treatment in depression: Results from meta-analytical and epidemiological studies.

2019.09.24 | Seminar, Research, All groups

AU Career Workshop on The job behind the title: Scientific and medical communication

Meet three Aarhus University PhD alumni who will present their insights and experiences working in the scientific publishing, scientific communication and in the medical writing industries. Gain a better understanding of the daily ins and outs of working in these jobs and the skill sets required. Get inspiration to a possible career pathway.

2019.09.24 | Symposium, Research, Public/Media

Honorary Skou Professor Symposium

On skeletal muscle, adipose tissue and substrate metabolism

2019.09.20 | Event, Health and disease, Technical / administrative staff

Unravelling the mystery behind endometriosis

Join us on Monday 7 October, when two of the most prominent endometriosis-researchers in the world are coming to Aarhus.

2019.09.20 | Research, Public/Media, External target group

Rethinking how cholesterol is integrated into cells

Cholesterol is best known in connection with cardiovascular disease, but cholesterol is also vital for many fundamental processes in the body. In an international collaboration, researchers from Aarhus University have now presented a completely new, ground-breaking model for the integration and incorporation of cholesterol into cells, with great…

2019.09.19 | Conference, History and achaeology, Academic staff

XIII Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference

With this XIII Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference, we want to use the anniversaries of the last couple of years in the Nordic countries as an opportunity to highlight and discuss questions about gender, power and disempowerment in all fields of society in a historical perspective.

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