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2021.10.05 | Seminar, Academic staff, Dandrite

Aarhus University European Innovation Council event

On 26 October 8:30-10:00, Aarhus University hosts an online event on the European Innovation Council (EIC) application support available for the researchers, entrepreneurs and SME’s who consider applying for EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition and EIC Accelerator.

2021.10.05 | People news, Public/Media, Dandrite

Welcome to Joao Ramos who has started as postdoc in Poul Nissen Group in collaboration with Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen

Joao will be studying the dynamic role of Sortilin-related CNS-expressed receptor 2 (SorCS2) in synaptic plasticity, implicated in memory formation. He will perform single-particle Cryo-EM studies on SorCS2 complexes with various neurotrophins/neuroreceptors. These data will be crucial for the characterisation and localisation of SorCS2 complexes…

Morten Schmidt receives the BCPT Young Researcher Nordic Prize 2021.
The award comes with EUR 7,500 for research. Photo: Simon Byrial Fischel

2021.10.06 | Grants and awards, Public/Media, Health

Danish cardiologist honoured with international research award

Morten Schmidt, who is a researcher at Aarhus University, has received an international award in the form of the BCPT Young Researcher Nordic Prize. The award recognises his research into the cardiovascular risks of different types of medicine.

2021.10.08 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

The university elections are approaching

In November, elections will be held at AU. This year, students and PhD students can vote and stand for election to various councils and committees.

What does ‘the good student life’ look like? Make your mark on your degree programme by standing for election at AU. Photo: Lars Kruse

2021.10.08 | Education, Research year student, All AU units

University elections: Three good reasons to stand for election

You will be able to influence your degree programme, get valuable experience with the political system and expand your network. Elections at AU take place from 8 to 11 November and YOU can stand for election from 14 to 26 October. Read on to find out how.

Peter Keller has just been appointed professor at the Center for Music in the Brain at Aarhus University.  Photo: Angelika Leuchter.

2021.10.04 | People news, Public/Media, Health

New professor investigates musical behaviour

We interact and communicate through music, and the focal point of Peter Keller’s research is the psychological processes and mechanisms in the brain that make this possible. He has just been appointed professor at the Center for Music in the Brain at Aarhus University.

2021.10.04 | Seminar, Public/Media, Dandrite

Online BRI-DANDRITE Joint Lecture by Prof. Poul Henning Jensen

Title: "The role of patient specific alpha-synuclein aggregates in Parkinson's disease related disorders - challenge or opportunity for disease modifying therapies?"

Working with a group of colleagues, Cathrine Fonnesbech Hjorth has analysed data on the marital status, cohabitation, income, education and employment status of 2,616 women aged 18-55 who were diagnosed with breast cancer in Denmark in the years 2007-2011. Photo: AU Kommunikation.

2021.10.07 | Research, Public/Media, Health

Breast cancer affects single women hardest

Single women who get breast cancer have a higher mortality rate compared to women in a relationship. The same is true of women with low income, a low level of education and women outside the labour market. This is shown by a new research result from Aarhus University.

2021.10.01 | Event, Public/Media, Health

Panel discussion: Past, Present and Future of Athletics’ Governance

On the occasion of the book launch of Power and Politics in World Athletics, an international discussion panel will address the past, present, and future of athletics’ governance.

2021.10.01 | People news, Public/Media, Dandrite

Welcome to Victoria Twiddy who is starting her PhD in Kjærgaard Group today!

Victoria Twiddy will during her PhD, aim to use a range of biophysical and biochemical techniques to investigate the role of the cytoplasmic ‘tails’ of sortilin receptors in activity-dependent protein trafficking.

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