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2021.10.18 | Research, PhD students, Dandrite

New paper on choice history effects in mice and humans published by Kvitsiani Group

The paper is titled 'Choice history effects in mice and humans improve reward harvesting efficiency' and was published in PLOS Computational Biology. The paper can be found here.

2021.10.18 | Event, Administration (Academic), All groups

Seminar: Inspiration for using videos in your teaching

Join our online seminar on Thursday, 28 October, on the use of videos in teaching and see examples from teaching practices at Aarhus University, where the use of video has played an important part. Pro-Rector Berit Eika bids you welcome, and professor Helle Mathiasen from the University of Copenhagen is our keynote.

2021.10.18 | Administrative, Health and disease, Technical / administrative staff

Newsletter 45 from the Head of Department

Dear All, The autumn semester is in full swing - here is a broad selection of the activity at IOOS.

2021.10.15 | Event, PhD students, Dandrite

Learn fun facts and enjoy a stroll at UniPark

Aarhus University International Club invites you to the upcoming AU Campus Tour. A socializing event, where you will not only get to learn interesting facts about AU but also meet others and enjoy a sweet treat! Make sure to save your spot, register here.

2021.10.15 | Seminar, PhD students, Dandrite

Tax webinar for PhD and researchers in Denmark

Do not miss this comprehensive webinar where you will learn about the ordinary and researcher tax schemes, important deadlines and particularities applicable to PhD students, among others. The event is facilitated by the Danish Tax Agency, Skattestyrelsen. Please register to receive all the relevant information and documentation before the event.

2021.10.15 | Meeting, PhD students, Dandrite

Local Elections - Make your vote count!

Did you know that most internationals can vote in the upcoming local (municipal) election on November 16? At this event, you will learn about the election, listen to insights from two internationals in the city, and lastly, you will get the chance to enter into a dialogue with the city council candidates. Register for the event here.

The courses are for researchers, analysis staff and students with an interest in empirical research and analysis, who are curious about the possibilities of expanding their empirical basis with register data. Photo:

2021.10.19 | Research, All groups, All AU units

Participate in free courses in register-based research

Do you work with register-based research? You now have the opportunity to participate in free, online one-day courses in the safe use of registry data. The courses are organised by KOR – the coordinating body for register-based research.

2021.10.15 | Event, PhD students, Dandrite

Invitation for professor Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen's inaugural lecture

Invitation for professor Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen's inaugural lecture entitled “Finetuning the innate immune system – possible ways to vanquish a viral infection or cancer” on Friday 26 November at 14:00. Registration deadline is 23 November.

"We can follow the process on a screen and this has led us to discover that the Lupus patients have a much higher concentration of the very large particles in their blood," explains post.doc Kristian Juul-Madsen.
It’s deeply fascinating to see how we can utilise the new technique to find a correlation between particle size and the immune response " says professor Thomas Vorup-Jensen.

2021.10.15 | Research, Health and disease, Public/Media

New technique identifies pathogenic particles in the blood

They take a blood sample and shortly afterwards researchers from Aarhus University can find signs of whether a person is on the way to developing the disease Lupus – or is already ill. The researchers are patenting a revolutionary technique that can be an important tool for diagnosing autoimmune diseases in the long term.

2021.10.15 | Course, Academic staff, Dandrite

7th NorMIC Imaging Workshop - Methods in Optical Microscopy(and 3D Printing for Microscopes)

The NorMIC series of workshops aims to teach biological researchers (PhD students, engineers, postdocs and young PIs) the principles of biological microscopes and image processing. The workshops are organised by NCMM. Read more and sign up here.

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